Sunday, 4 May 2014

Death Korps vs Death Korps in Zone Mortalis

Yeah thats right. I played my Death Korps of Krieg versus my friends Death Korps in a Zone Mortalis 40k game. We new from start this was going to get bloddy with high casualties...

Zone Mortalis is a sort of add on rules from Forgeworld that can be found at Forge Worlds site for combats in confide spaces.

In the pictures you will see some white and black markers. The white markers where used to represent mines and the black ones are objectives.

My Engineers sneak forward in two mines ahead and then enemies.
Only one way to goo I say...

Sneaking forwards...
My command is taking another rout.

I decided to attack...
I managed to run through the mines only triggering one of them.
I throw my Demolishen charge but it scatters and only makes light casualties.
The combat shotgun loaded with carcass ammunitions takes a greater toll and then its time for clubbering the opponents with the buttstocks...

My brave soldiers died to a man...
But they did go out in one glories charge.

I had made a breach in the roof and entered here with one other Engineer theme.
The plan was to take out the opponent Grenadier team.

Unfortunately the Demo charge scattered horribly and ended up taking out my entire squad of Engineers and Wachtmaster from one of my opponents infantry squads. That demo expert was demoted postum...
The shotguns did take out some Grenadiers but things did not go according to plan. 

My command advances and takes out one objective. Yeay!

Enemy close in.

I got a Grenadier squad of my own advancing, closing in on enemy HQ.

Stepping forwards with two flamers ready... This aint gonna be pretty...

One last survivor, he had been hidden behind the wall and was now stepping forward.
This was a real good piece of bait. Had I stand still and shot him my opponent would advance with his next squad and toasted me with a flamer. Had I charged him with bayonets, they would be toasted again...
One measly guardsmen can make hell of a problem.

My grenadiers are surrounded and a challenge is taken place between enemy command and my Grenadier Wachtmaster.
No Grenadiers where left alive...

Good game, lots of intense moments. And gaming IG vs IG makes sure lots and lots of people are going to die.

I can recommend the Zone Mortalis rules from forgeworld.


  1. Impressive terrain !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. Nice battle-report! This looked like a real nice game and the scenery also add a lot of feeling to the scenario. I am planning self to build a sewer-scenery with a modular system to offer many ways to combine the various tiles.