Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dropzone Commander Tournament - the campaing rules.

This weekend we had a Dropzone Tournament here in Växjö, Sweden

Here is a map I put together using different pictures I have found on the net, representing the planet and its vicinity.

I wanted to add a little spice to the tournament we had and added a campaign to it.
It did in no way effect the result on the tournament but added another layer. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.
All the players in each faction would be working together for a common goal and would be represented by a single colour on the map.

Draw: No changes on the map

(choose one option)
* Take control of one area from that enemy that are in base to base contact with one of your own areas, this cant be a fortified area.
* Remove one fortification from the player you won against, this can be in an area you dont have contact with.
* Fortify one area under your control.

Mayor victory:
* Take control of any area under the control of that opponent, even an area not in contact and/or a fortified area.

If you do not have any own area left a Victory count as a Mayor victory, meaning you can take over any area from that opponent.
When playing against a player of your own faction, a victory is represented by the sacking of a incompetent commander and reinforcements of a stronger force.

I had plans to make up special rules for the Shaltari and Resistance to better represent them in the universe but I opted to keep it simple and used standard rules for them on the map.
For the Resistance I thought about not having them as a own colour but maybe given them the option to assist or ally with one faction at the start of each turn or at the start of the tournament.

In the end the UCM player in our tournament switched to Resistance but that worked out fine as his troops would then represent being aided by UCM agents doing there biddings.

 These were the starting positions I gave each faction in this campaign.

More info about the actual tournament will come.

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