Friday, 16 February 2018

Dropzone Commander tournament game 2, Shaltari vs Resistance

This is a small AAR from the second game of our Dropzone Commander tournament.

As with the last AAR, it is in no way representative on what actually happened... Mostly Shaltari propaganda.

My Shaltari would be facing the Resistance forces under the command of Linus.

Shaltari Braves survey the area as the gates take cover behind the large buildning...

Enemy attack choppers moves in...

I used the Pungari aggresivly, pushed them into the centre building.
I pushed the elite Firstborns aggressively into a building at one of the flanks, thinking this close combat unit would scare the enemy from enter the building.

Those enemy heavy dropships moves up, with barrel bombs, troops and a AA gun mounted on top. These look really cool and if I would get Resistance anytime in the future they would be a must.

Enemy veteran infantry enters the same building as the Pungaris and a unit of bikes enters the triangular building on the flank.
Those motorcycles were really quick.
An AA tank are located and my Warstrider takes it out...
I could not take out the attack choppers with my AA fire and would be facing them in the next turn.
Barrelbombs and guns... The large buildning takes a beating...
A unit of quadbikes with gas canisters clear out the building with my Firstborns... Damn... that was a nasty suprise...
I moved in some Braves to support those small Pungaris from beeing totaly slaughtered by the enemy veterans.
Moving to close to one of my gates the choppers are hit by the charged air and one of them explodes in the air.
Those enemy veterans slaughters my poor Pungaris as his trucked aa guns takes a beating from my guns. A unit of Braves takes the control of the triangular building from the bikes as they moves out.
The enemy commander heavy tanks move out again, trying to shoot my other warwalkers in the flank as my commander already had taken up fire position at the same terrain piece. Early on in the game I had given that commander a bloody noose, having retreated and made field repairs he was now bold enough to show his face again.
Warwalkers pushes forwards as the infantry hold its ground even when really nasty veterans beats them down or the building they are occupying are filled with gas...

This stoicism is what the Shaltari can do, they are given an order, they follow through, and that was what gave me a victory in the end.

This was a really tight game and If I remember correctly I think it was something like 4 or 8 points difference in killscore.

Wow what a game, his army was particularly nasty with all that AA ,and not having played against Resistance before he had some nasty surprises up his sleeve.
Interesting army, lots of aa to keep my gates at bay and hindering me from using my troops at the maximum ability, nasty gas grenade quad bikers that cleared houses, those veteran infantry were good and the fact that he had almost no real ground units meant that most of my anti tank units had nothing to shoot at and thus indirectly had paid points for a gun that they couldn’t use.

Here are some pictures of the other peoples games.

An update on the map and how the the controll of the areas are distrubuted after the second game on the tournament.

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