Monday, 19 February 2018

Dropzone Commander tournament game 4, Shaltari vs Shaltari

The forth game of the tournament.

My unbeatable Shaltaris would meet their own kind... They would be facing another Shaltari tribe, under the command of Jens.
The mission we would play had a focal point in the middle of the board and lots and lots of potential objective scattered all over the board.
If I remembered correctly it was called "Swedish search", it is a tweeked "Seach" scenari with a focal point at the midle to push the armies to actually engage the enemy.

Using the protections of the trees in the park the Braves dares to leave to safety of the buildings.

My Pungaris had been pushed up but were assaulted by enemy elite Firstborn infantry... this will not be a beautiful carnage...

Using this gate, the enemy starts to deploy lighter flanking units. Besides being able to push at my flank it gave him the option to start collect possible objectives here. His small light skimmers were a particulary nice little addition, easy to hide, fast to move but still able to search for points in the scenario. I might have to consider to include a small unit if these in the future.

I tried to use my Jaguars for an push, but they could not bring their guns to damage the opponent.
But the dices was really not with me in this game. A lot more 1s then should be statistic to roll were found in my rolls...
The Jaguars AA fires also failed me.
The Thunderbirds failed misserable and where easily taken out, them self failed to hit their targets in the entire game.

Edit: My opponent pointed out that the bad dicerolls did not include my rolls for my shields. The Dreamsnare did his work and the dices behaved accordingly in its presence...

It ended in a loss, not a big one butt still.
The killpoints were equally tight, I think they ended in something like a 8pts favour to me.

Jens abuility to use his gates and spread out his force to seek out the objectives gave him the game.
I was really tired in this game and did a lot of mistakes.

Jens played really good, had I not loost focus on capturing objectives on the last couple of turns things could have looked different.

It was a fair win for the Shaltari, Jens played the objectives for the scenario and I did not.

During this game I only managed to take these pictures of the other players games.

This was the status of the campaign map at the end of game 4.
Jens used his victory to reinforce the hold on the space station.
Sacking the incompetant commander and reinforce with more Shaltari troops. The invasion foothold on the space station had been fortified.

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