Friday, 16 February 2018

Dropzone Commander tournament game 1, Shaltari vs Scourge

This is the first after action report from our Dropzone Commander tournament.

 Here we have the campaign map with the initial placement of areas of control.

The Shaltari have most of their forces in the asteroid belt, the PHR have taken control of a space station orbiting the planet. The Scourge and the UCM (Resistance forces) are combating at the center of the planet and on the moon as other forces of PHR and Shaltaris have moved in.

In the tournament we would be six players.

My Shaltari

In my forst game I would be facing Erik and his Scourge, our veteran Dropzone player. This would be a hard game... In hindsight everygame in the tournament was a hard game but still...
I guess its good atleast one of us knew the rule though..

After the test game we had some time ago I knew that I had to keep my force better together, to have multiple units acting against a common target and not going gung-ho and hoping to crush all that stood before me with a single Warstrider... I would have to better support my troops.
As I knew Erik is really good at using terrain and hiding his troops behind buildings and usually have a rather aggressive army, my plan was to have a strong center that I held back ready to counteract any enemy movement when the opportunity arises  but have a small but faster flanks ready to swing in at the center.

This AAR is ofcourse totally bias if anyone doupted.

My butterflies flapps in...

The massive enemy commander moves in... Supported by smaller distraction...
Its plan to take out enough of my force to not be hit by return fire is twarted as my commander dazzles his foe and its result in no damage on my force...
Its payback time... I concentrate all the guns on the enemy commander, ignoring those small critters totally. I will need all the guns that I can muster for this scarry behemoth...
And finaly the enemy commander is obliterated, it took all the guns I could bear at it but it was just enought to take it out. A massive moral victory for me and a big hit for Erik, he told me that I just won the game but I knew Erik better then that, he is not out of this game yet.

Sacrificing my Pungaris by putting them in a small house. It would force my opponent to deal with them as the building had a possible objective. I didnt fancy their chances buts I can allways get more Pungaris...
As the Pungaris as franticly searches the building, the enemy gather their evil forces to tear the building down with the poor Pungaris inside…

In the end I managed to win this first game and thus I could exchange one Red Scourge marker to a Yellow Shaltari one.

After all the games had been reported, some changes on the map had taken place.
This is the first time I tested this so it will be interesting to see the result of the end of the weekend. To see if it works out as I had intended.

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