Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Blood Rage kickstarter delivery

Yesterday a box was waiting for me.
The Blood Rage kickstarter had been delivered

Sorry for the lousy pictures.

Im actually more interested in the miniatures then the game itself and plan to use most of them in my Treemoss fantasy theme.

Before bedtime I managed to get expertise help from the daughter. Admittedly I was about handing over a sharp knife to her before she would get to tired and a little unpredictable but it worked out great. 

 And she insisted to be part of the pictures.

Some more picture/info can be found at:


  1. It indeed was a nice delivery, i got My a week ago:) the minis are truly stunning but i thought the ordinarya men an gods was to small/slender to match good with My 28mm vikings.

    The mystic troll was My favourite