Friday, 23 October 2015

Imperial Guard vs Eldar, 40k AAR

Last Saturday we played a 2 vs 2 player game of Warhammer 40k. We tossed two Eldar players against my Death Korps of Krieg and my friends Imperial Guards.

Each player was given 1000pts to build an army.

I wanted to try out a little "different" army. When the idea got into my head I just couldnt shake it of and wanted to try it out. It may not be the most effective army or the most fun to play against.

By choosing Grenadiers as my Troop choices I could afford to include three air planes in an 1000pts army... This is how you make friends, or not. But I just had to try it.

Eldar artillery deployed behind some large trees, supported by infantry.

Eldar jetbikes deployed.

Imperial Platoon Commander takes up his defence.

Grenadiers supported by Guardsmen hold the small industrial building.

The Eldar had the first turn and raced forward, damn they are quick with their jetbikes and squat moves. They were nearly ontop of us in one round.

Eldar artillery starts to work their thing.

The Platoon commander mentioned earlier had taken a lot of beating.

The Taurox moves out with the close support of my Grenadiers.

A lone Armoured sentinels charges the Scorpion in an attempt to bind them up.

My airplains arrives and are put to work, the Lightning are ordered to take out the Eldar plane and the Avengers to engage the ground troops.

 My friend Håkan had really worked his magic and the Eldar jetbikes were thining out.

The Avenger in the pictures droops all its bombs on the Striking Scorpion as it past it by, inflicting an impressive 16 wounds on them. Tobias make some really nice dice rolls and the armours saves most of them, only 4 are taken out...

The other Avenger engage another Striking Scorpion squad with its minigun.

The Eldar plane managed to evade most of my anti air weaponry, taking damage but still a threat to my airplains... not good, not good at all.

The Scorpions had survived my minigun and were closing in, guns blazing...

The last survivor of the Grenadiers, their Watchmaster locked in combat with the Eldar commander, he might be in trouble here... The Eldar took out his companions but its payback time.

The Watchmaster is somehow still alive and kicking, actually wounding the Eldar. The Eldar commander is down on his last wound now... Way more intense then I had anticipated.

The Avengers are in for another sweep over the battlefield, this time one of the Avengers turns and make use of its heavy minigun on the Eldar plane.
The Eldar plane explodes...

And the sky is clear of pesky aliens...

Eldar commander wins the duel against my Grenadier Watchmaster.

But with the duel over I was able to send in some airsupport, take that pesky pointy eared alien...
And the Eldar commander was no more...
The duel was over so he was fair game.

The Grenadiers finishes of the last Striking scorpion.

At the same time a Avengers lose its bombs on an Eldar position taking out Guardians with fire...
Ahh I like the smell of burning Aliens in the morning.

Here we decided to call it a day. The Eldar had taken more points from their objectives but the Imperials had given out more damage. Had we continued to play another round or two Im sure we could have taken some more points and dish out even more damage while denying the Eldars taking more points with their now thinned out lines.
And Im sure my opponents might be of another opinion.

Thanks for the game guys.

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