Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sisters of Battle

A couple of years ago I started repaint the collection of Sisters of Battle in a new paint schema but after a break from Warhammer 40k  for some time now I thought It would be nice to continue from where I started. We will see how well this will turn out; there are always too many other projects to work on…

The Sisters are painted with black armor and with camouflage in German WW2 Autumn Oakleaf pattern.

I have thought about selling my Sisters of Battle but they are too dearly to me and the thought about buying them new is out of question considering Games Workshop horrendous prices nowadays. So why not keep them and paint them up to a standard I can game with. :D
My first Sisters of Battle where bought after payday after a summer job I had as a teen and I felt rich and spoiled myself, and as such it have been too hard emotionally to actually sell them.

Hope you can see some of the details; it turned out it was hard to take pictures on such dark miniatures. I guess I have to get a darker background to get better pictures.

Ohh and the best part of repainting these old miniatures, GW havnt replaced them yet so these are the current models even thou they were bough years ago…

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