Monday, 26 October 2015

Renegades vs Death Korp Zone Mortalis AAR, 40k

Last week my friend Johan and I had another game of Zone Mortalis 40k.
We played 1000pts each and I wanted to try out my Sisters of Battle in this game, unfortunately I had only a little over 500pts painted to a standard I like so I filled up the rest of the points with my Death Korps.
Opposing this would my friends Renegades stand.

The army was to be split up in about two equal parts. I choose to have my Death Korps in one and the Sisters of Battle in the other.
The plan was to deploy the Korp initially and have the Sisters come in later as reserves to save the day when the opponent hopefully where already given a bloody nose.

Johan had his army split up with mostly infantry on the table and the reserves having a large boost in the form of Renegade Ogryns and some smaller infantry.

Their were three objectives that we were to compete over, and Johans Renegade were to be the attacker.

The Renegades storm forward.
I move out in an attempt to cover ground and block enemy movement.

The Korps commander as backup.

Watching the corridor in case of enemy movement.

Enemy movement, they are closing in on an objective way quicker then I had expected with the help of some psykers.

Their movement makes them cross my set up firelane.
And enemies stars dropping... 

Enemy reinforcements, Renegade Ogryns moves in. These heavy brutes could wrack havoc to my force.

Enemy troops are gunned down

Enemy tries to move forward against another objective, this one I was first at and had a rather good spreadout on troops around it covering the rooms entrances.

Finally my reserves arrives, the Sisters move in hungry for enemies...

The enemy moves forward and I start taking casualties.

Amongst the casualties were the almost whole Platoon Command Squad.

Having his whole squad gunned down their Platoon Commander was angry... angry indeed. He storms forwards throwing a frag grenades dropping three Reneges in a matter of seconds, the Heavy bolter team was still their and the Platoon Commander rushes forward with his sabre drawn...
The enemy paniced and ran for their lives.

This made them run into their own lines and panic spread around the enemy lines.
The noises of grenade and shadow of one bad ass Platoon Commander made the Renegade Ogryn fall back and this took them over the edge of the gaming table and they left.
The man of the game, hereby known as Glotvidd von Ottowald. Almost single handily drew the enemy forces back equipped with only a laspistol mark M40 machine pistole, sabre and some frag grenades... 

With almost half of the enemy points having fled the table and with not enough forces left of the enemy to push for the now defended objectives we call it a day... What a surprising end to the game. 

And thats how you make a hero and leaves the enemy of the Imperium shaking in fear....

And here are some more pictures of miniatures that was stripped of the chance to shine through the day.

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