Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Dismounted Knights of Saint Lazarus

Here we have a small unit of dismounted Knights from the Order of Saint Lazarus, The Leper Brothers of Jerusalem.

This was a really fun unit to build and paint.
The main parts are from Fireforge Games but I switched it around with two metal miniatures that I dont remember where they were from and plastic bits from the Frostgrave Cultist box. I used the undead/ zombie heads but painted them in regular skin colours but with some added blood for that "nice" leprocy feeling... And I think the undead head was great.

For the painting i went for a white tunic with green crosses. I tested some different cross designs for the hauberk and the shields for fun, but I think the one that looks best is the standard "boring" cross and not any of those fancy Maltese cross designs.
The standard plain cross is probably the most historically accurate, the other ones looks a little to fancy... But I never claimed to be historically accurate, I only try to be semi historical accurate with some artistic freedom sprinkled in for looks.

The white/green with dark chainmail and brown leather is a really nice and striking design.
This could be a nice design to work further with.
Maybe expand this for a whole Lion Rampant warband sized force one day.

But here is the small 8 man strong dismounted knight strong unit I made just for fun.


  1. This order of Knights has always fascinated me.

    Imagine coming up against this lot in battle!

  2. Great job - they look spot on!
    I want to do some of these too, for use with Outremer