Sunday, 19 May 2013

Death Korps of Krieg

This Saturday my friend Daniel and I teamed up for double tournament in 40k that was held at my Club in Växjö. 8 teams resulting in 16 players.

Daniel and I have talked to each other for some time now and planed to do a joint venture in collecting a Death Korps of Krieg army. And this tournament would be a perfect way of learning the “new” (for me atleast…) 40k rules in this edition, use the very nice miniatures and try out the brand new Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade from Imperial Armour 12   

I almost forgot to take pictures from the games but this is what I managed to snap. The brown Death Korps are mine, Daniels is green (of envy ;p)

The mighty sisters of my Death Korps: Irma, Heidi unt Helga 


I dont want to know what they try to do...

Meltaguns and Krak grenades finish of a traitor tank.

 Without his pimpmobile my great Commander has to walk as a commoner.

The tournament was lots of fun with some really nice moments and many medals was awarded postum to our valiant soldiers. Don’t expect and Death Korp to survive very long… 


But the most epic moment of the whole tournament must have been when a Chaos mechanical dragon entered play, spewing fire and death before it only to be shot down in a single turn from a platoon commander and his squad.
Crashing down into a Chaos Dreadnought, taking and hull point on him and ended lying down belly up. The platoon commander and his squad brought it down with a quick burst from their old “reliable” plasma guns and pistol.
All in a day’s work for an Death Korps Platoon Commander…
Many a sixes was rolled. This is the stuff of legends.


So lots of fun in a day and lots of rules to be learned, the main rules for the game itself, all the enemies units and special rules but also the new army list with its special rules and very special type of game play.

- For the Empire. Without Mercy

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  1. Whoa! That was a lot of new models I have never seen before. 40k is a new thing again i recon. :)

    Nice to see some gaming, how did it end for you?