Saturday, 4 May 2013

Zulu light infantry

I needed some light infantry for my Zulus, for peripheral combats, scouting and just for spear throwing.

To create this unit I used Warlord Games plastic Zulus as a base and added some extra arms from Perry brothers Sudanese plastic box. The weaponry is a mix of those two and some extra wirespears. I wanted not to include that many shields but more long spears.
I kept some models with the traditional Zulu shields to give the players an easy way of identify these as Zulus on the tabletop.

And with an quick paintjob, here is the result.
You got to love a brown primer and the lack of Napoleonic buttons… ;)

They managed to track down a large monkey and corner it. I’m not sure thats an good idea.
And I’m not sure I’m allowed to play with my daughters toys when she’s not allowed to play with mine.

1 comment:

  1. Greate painting.

    Good luck to defeat King Kong;9

    Best regards Michael