Tuesday, 7 May 2013

High Elves

Dammit I realy thought I had left warhammer fantasy...

Their been lots of talk and games played at the club and our local forum soo after years of neglect stowed away in boxes I think Its time to dust off the old High Elf army.

So on a sunny stroll with the daughter down town we walked by the local hobby and guitar shop (yeah its combined) and a brand new Warhammer Highelf book was purchased and I even got some spare electric guitar strings for some planed convertions later on. 

First impression is very good, really nice book with nice layout. Well not the price but never mind that now.

Funny thing is that GWs Spearmen and Archers still looks like shit in this edition. My lead Silverhelms and Swordmasters looks so much better than current plastic ones.

Ok my shadow warriors are not much to brag about and the horses on my Dragonprinces are not the best looking..

The White lions I haven’t seen the new ones in flesh but the ones I got looks okey so I think they will do.

But I really like the new Ellyrian Reavers and the Plastic Griffon from the starter box.

We will see how well this litle project will take me before I find a new shiny thing...
I got loads of "Vikings and trolls" planed, still some Africans unpainted and I filled up but still planning on new DBA armies...


  1. The thing I envy most here is that "new book" smell! I think you should paint a griffon to ease your elfy-itch, build an army with what you have and game a bit, then go back to trolls and DBA! ;)

  2. Thanks, yeah I think your right. Paint some of the miniatures I got before going back fully commited to non warhammer things.. hehe
    GW have a special way of piss me off... Even thoe their are lots of opponents to be found to play against.