Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Seven Dwarves…

I had these excellent looking dwarves in my possession for some time now but never got around to paint them. Somewhat intimidated by all those details and the potential, I didn´t want to ruin them. But then one day I said to my selves that I could at least start by priming them and then just add one color at the time. And by doing so I got them painted. 



The miniatures are from Red Box Games and I think Tre is one of the very few sculptures that manage to do dwarves justice. Most dwarves these days are either hero scale, totally over the top and some even to comical. These dwarves I think looks like they could exist, they are believable.
When I painted these I wanted them to resemble my Norsemen in color palette but making their weaponry, armor and anything metal look a little special.
So I added some extra colors to the metal pieces, some are going red, some blue and so on to show the dwarves almost magical cunning with finding rare metals, the metalwork and alloys.

And as of a coincidence I noticed that I got seven dwarves, which must mean I must find me a miniature that could work as a Norse version of Snow-white…

Tre is currently running a new Kickstarter campaign and this time its all lead...
Looks promising, and it has allready had its basics funded so now its all about stretching the goal.


  1. Awesome work! I've got some RBG Dwarves sitting on my painting desk at the moment, funnily enough!

  2. These are most excellent. I like what you've done with the shields and with the free hand on the cloaks.

  3. Stunning work !

    Looking forward to see Snow-white and maybe even the evil Queen...and a mirror...

    Best regards Michael