Saturday, 21 December 2013

Movement trays for my Tribal Africa project.

I finished the last things with the flocking on eleven new movement trays for my Tribal Africa project.
Soon moving tribesmen all over the table top will be no trouble at all.

These are of my own design and custom made for me by Tiny Terrain
There are 9 holes in the movement tray for eight 25mm bases and a spare one for holding a casualties dice in games like Hail Caesar or such.

The miniatures on the trays here are Kushites from Warlord Games
And better pictures of them can be found earlier in this project, just look at Tribal Africa as the label.


  1. I was going to have something very similar made for my Mahdists. Can I ask how much they ended up being each?

    1. Sorry I dont remember. I guess I got them as special price but whatever they cost to have some made its worth it when you are gaming on the table top.

    2. They look great, its always nice to see what you can do to bring stuff to life!

      Phyllion, if you are interested I can check the exact price and shipping, just e-mail me about what you want; info[at]tinyterrain[dot]com