Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Force Commander Stern, Horus Heresy Force Commander 30k

I went by the club yesterday to drop of some miniatures but I got stuck.
I hadn't brought along any own miniatures to paint or game with but my friend Håkan lend out his Militia Force Commander for some pimp paintwork.

Force Commander Stern is famous from our Campaign in the Parvana Mahrukh system.

Håkan had done an really really excellent work converted him together and it felt nice to pimp up the paintwork on him.

It will be nice to see him in the campaign games in the future.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Dawn attack om base Yuditskaya, Parvana Mahrukh System. Horus Heresy campaing game 4

Episode 4 in our Campaign in the Parvana Mahrukh System.

The Eastern Fringe Trading Company had managed to push through the enemy ambush in the previous game.

The Eastern Fringe Trading Company were repackaging the valuable trading goods from the Benafsha region at the hastily constructed base Yuditskaya.The Expeditional Protection Force planned to attack the base before all the trading goods were shipped out of the region and a small attack force was put together.

The defences at base Yuditskaya were minimal but heavy transport aircraft bearing reinforcement could be called in if need be.

The base were hit just before dawn...

We would be playing and old Raid mission, Sabotage mission.
We played a 1000pts game but as this was such a small game we decided that the Militia Provenance of War upgrade on the Force Commander would be free.

And as always, click on the pictures to see a larger one.

The defending trading company forces were erecting additional defences as they prepare to move the last trading wares out. The base are not fully operational and the base defences are not fully manned.
The good thing is that patrols have been out the whole night checking the nearby area.
Hopefully this will give me time for the troops to spread out and man the defences if the enemy should attack any time soon. This will probably not happen any time soon... ( *insert dramatic music...* dum dum dum... )

The Expeditional Protection Force troops are closing in on the base on foot, not wanting to sound the alarm by using vehicles.

Their plan is to take out the patrols in close combat and silence them  quickly.

The patrol is swarmed by the power armour equipped grenadiers...
But to no avail, the alarm is sounded.

 My empty Arvus takes off in speed, not wanting to be caught on the ground

The Eastern Fringe Trading Company starts to reposition their forces.
Enemy Valkyrie (count as a Arvus rule wise) lands troops on the flank.

The Solar Auxilia, the military arms under the Eastern Fringe Trading Company

The Expeditional Protection Force are moving in from all sides...
Troopmaster Natalia Koluchev formed her men into a firing line. Preparing to get lots of shoots at the storming enemy...

Enemy levy squad appears out of the high bushes.

Grenadiers in power armour with boltguns also closes in.

 - None shall pass..

The grenadiers leads the assault.

My rotorcannon equipped Veletaris greets the attackers with a rain of bullets but the combination of power armour and the medic patching up the few bullet wounds that manages to find a weak spot of their armour results in very very few casualties.

Force Commander Stein is leading his men in the assault.

An Magos Biologus with his servo-automatas that was in the area collecting rare butterfly-like insectoids for the Noble family of House Naryshkin have heard the distress call and joins the defenders. The problem is that they are on foot at the far most end of the battle. They have a long way left to actually be useful.

My Arvus have returned and starts to home in its twinlinked autocannon.

A enemy scout sentinel that just appeared as reinforcement to the attack is taking out by the Arvus twinlinked autocannon...

My commander, Strategos Khalturin Ruslan calls in precision bombardment on the enemy attack.
 A huge cloud of smoke rises...

And a massive whole in the enemy line is a welcoming sight for the defenders.

But the enemy is relentless and Force Commander Stein is closing in with his plasma pistol at the ready...
The enemy charges between the obstacles... defensive fire does little to stop the power armour equipped grenadiers.

From hight orbit a close by heavy aircraft have dropped jetpack equipped Thallaxes, heavily augmented cyborg shock-troops to assist in the defence...
These massive cyborgs will hopefully steam the tide of enemy troops...

With the guns at the ready after the drop from low orbit, the lighting guns and the irad-cleanser drowns the enemy in fire...

And lots and lots of humans are put down...

Using their jetpacks the Thallaxes redeploys after their initial volley of fire. They are needed to plug the next whole in my lines...

They jumps in just as the next unit of enemy grenadiers closes in on the objective.

In the background enemy aircraft in hover mode shoots with its mulitlaser on my troops as my own Arvus lets lose with its autocannon again...

And even more sentinels are taken out...
I think my Arvus pilot have found its preferred target...

My remaining rotorcannon guys manages to inflict a number of wounds on a unit of grenadiers. Just four of them manages to find a weakspot in those power armours but the medics of The Expeditional Protection Force are really really good. All that time with their education is really shining through, that or the cheer experience with casualties suffered earlier by the The Expeditional Protection Force...

Back at the main objective in base Yuditskaya, things starts to look grim indeed.

Troopmaster Natailia Koluchev and her squad is not enough to stop Force Commander Stein and his grenadier squad.
I have to assault with my last remaining Veletaris with rotorcannons. A weapon far to heavy and clumsy to operate at this close quarters but it is the only chance I have. With luck I can club someone down with the rotorcannons...

The Thallax heavy cyborgs have formed a line, protecting the base...
The problem is that the enemy have already troops behind this line...

My lines are really getting thin by now...

Force Commander Stein and his grenadiers have taken out my last Velitares.

The Thallax heavy cyborgs have been charged by Grenadier Sergeant Zacharias Hellwig and his men.

With a power axe Grenadier Sergeant Zacharias Hellwig manages to really damage the Thallaxes somehow...

More Thallaxes are taken out by Grenadier Sergeant Zacharias Hellwig by his now fearful power axe.
The objective is unprotected and Force Commander Stein is free to secure the wares for The Expeditional Protection Force.

Wow, what a game.
Even though it was a loss for my Solar Auxilia this was a really intense and fun game.

In the campaign ahead we are now open to move in any direction and have not decided on what will follow next. We have some plans but nothing decided.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.