Friday, 25 December 2015

Imperial Preachers and Death Cult Assassins

I managed to finish of two preachers for my Sister of Battle army and three Death Cult Assassins. Some neat miniatures that I wanted to have some paint on.

The pictures didn´t turn out that good but Im hooping you can see something atleast. Sorry for that.

The colours for the Preachers were inspired by this piece of art.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Plastic toy castle?

I got this plastic toy castle from a member of the club. Initialy this looked like a good idea. But now Im not sure.

The size is all wrong and number of windows seems wrong also. The gate is HUGE...

It could be that some of it could be salvaged but now Im thinking that it could very well be that its more work than its worth.
Its probably easier and better to just construct it by my selves in styrophome instead.

Any one got a good idea?

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Sisters of Battle squad, 40k

I have painted a new squad of Battle Sisters.

In my quest to repaint my old Sisters of Battle collection the turn has now come to these gals.

Its a 10 man squad the Veteran Sisters Superior has a Power Maul and a Combiplasma gun. Im not sure thats the best combo by far but I had apparently converted her to get that back in the days, so it will stay.
I also got a Multimelta and a basic Meltagun in the squad.

The Veteran Sister Superior is missing her backpack but she will have do with out it.

For these pictures I tested a new "photobox" that was made out of a semi transparent trashcan that I had sawn a hole in. Maybe not the best solution but it works and it was easy. I really need to take better pictures of my miniatures and this is a small start.

Friday, 4 December 2015

The Imperium vs Eldar, 40k AAR

A couple of weeks ago we played a big game of Warhammer 40k.
We pitted the forces of the Imperium against the Eldar.
On the Imperial side we got my Death Korps of Krieg, a mostly mechanised Imperial Guard army and Grey Knights.

The Eldar forces was somewhat interersting, packing a lot of Wraithguardians (I think they are called that atleast, you know those "small" Wraith constructs with "only" Toughness 6...).

I think it was something like 3500points on each side.

The Imperial forces starts to deploy.

"Helga" is deployed behind a ruined building and are having close support in the form of my Company Command squad, a unit of Grenadiers, a squad of regular Death Korp guardsmen and a Grey Knight Dreadnought.

The Eldar starts to deploy.
With the front of the base in the ruins tiping even further back the Eldar Wraithknight (?) looks a little back heavy. He is clearly on the table even through more then half of the miniature it self is outside the board.

On the first turn the Grey Knights deepstrike. A nasty shock for the Eldars.

Eldar flank.
Eldar centre.
"Heidi" preparing to fire...
"Helga" and "Heidi" makes a tremendous amount of damage even with the night still lingering making the enemy hard to pick out.

The Knight lead the advance. Damn he was quick.

Our left flank seem to be under heavy attack and "Helga" was taken out and some Death Korps also died in her explosion..

Im supported by a Sentinel and a Dreadnought but besides that I feel realy lonely right here. The flank seems doomed but I prepare to atleast bring some of these aliens with me before my troops are scraped from the table.
If I could just buy the centre and right flank time I will have to be happy with that.

The Eldar Knight concentrate on our centre.
I storm forth from my ruin and manages to take out a Eldar transport with some Krak grenades.
I made a line with one squad, guarding my flank from enemy reinforcements. This paid off and his Scorpions were forced to deploy along way from my Griffon.

Eldar infantry deploys, Striking Scorpions with an Farseer, Dire Avengers.
Really nice paintjob.

A Sentinel tries to have a duel with that behemoth...
There is some size differences here.

Eldar Swooping Hawks (I think?) drops a grenade on my infantry in the forest and makes an hole. Their next plan is to take out my second Basilisk that thankfully survives.
"Heidi" have by now racked up a considerable amount of dead Eldars and they wanted it silenced.

The Eldar Fire Prism made a dash to our lines, afraid of the Grey Knighs that are carving out a great heap of dead Eldars in front of them.

The Eldar Knights jumping around in the Imperial lines. Both Imperial Guard player fired about anything we got at it, it took some damage but was still alive.

 I have taken some casualties and the Eldar advance, taking cover in the forest.

 My Grenadiers moves out and prepares to fire...

And they did... this unis was packing one heavy flamer, two regular flamers and the rest are packing hotshot lasguns... The few surviving Scorpions, I think it was their squad leader and their Farseer had to deal with my Platoon Commander and his squad. With two meltagun and plasmapistol the Farseer was no more...
Imperial scramble to take out those pesky Eldar flies...

Eldar flier over the battle field.
It was downed later and I think it was that Dreadnought that did it, but Im not sure.

Eldar Dire Avengers behind the Wave serpent, Guardsmen on the building and Grey Knight Terminators are closing in...

This Grey Knight behemoth got caught in close combat with some Eldar infantry and had a hard time to take them all out. Eldar Wraith... (what ever they are called...) close in with their nasty guns trying to get a clear shot to take it out.

The Eldar Dire Avengers are hugging the objective but are surrounded...

The forrest was cleared of the alien infestation...

Grey Knights closes in...

We manage to make some damage on the Fireprism with krak grenades but cant take it out.

The Eldar lines are looking thinner by the minute. "Heidi" and my two Griffons are raining shells on them by the minute...

My heroes again... I really need to finish the paintjob on these.

The Griffon is packing a Heavy Flamer and moves into position to engage the Dire Avengers.

The Eldar Knight engage the Grey Knights.

Even a mighty Grey Knight Terminator looks like a small bug next to this model.

The Guardsmen are assaulted by two Wraith constructs, one is somehow gunned down by lasguns when it charges...If I remember correctly the final one was hacked to pieces in the close combat that followed.

"Heidi" is still alive and kicking... In front of her is a Griffon also still raining death to the aliens...

And here we called it a day.
A really nice game with lots of interesting miniatures.

My unit of the match, got to be the Grenadier squad. With their quick response I managed to not only stop the enemy attack but blunt it and almost wipe it out completely. Imperial heroes just doing their jobb... The Grenadiers are starting to build up a reputation as Scorpion killers to me..

But most effective units have to be my Basilisks with the Griffons on close second. It was a nice feeling being able to take out 5 or 6 of those Wraithguardians with a single shot. Even the Griffons that wounded them on 4+ were sometimes able to oblitterate loads of them. And as the armour piercing are not good enought to automaticly go throu their armour I was able to pick on those in cover with the Griffons as the Basilisks picked on anyone that had left their cover. Granted, rolling like a God on the scatter rolls does help...

Big thanks for all playing the game.