Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Forest goblin archers

Here we have some Forest goblin archers for my warband.
These are miniatures I have collected and bought second hands over a period of probobly two years.
This whole Forest goblin project have been a low priority project for a rather long time now but it feels good to finally give them the love they deserv.

Here is a photodump from the latest work.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

New unit of Spiderriders for my Forest goblins

I have painted up another 10 Spider riders for my Forest Goblin army.

Here is a photo dump of them.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Forest goblins ambush High Elf, AoS Battlereport

The High Elves was forcing their way through the forest but the forest was watching their every step...

My friend and I played a game of Age of Sigmar. I wanted to have some forest on the table and we then decided that a sort of ambush scenario would be fitting.
We opted to use an older Warhammer 40k scenario for this.

I got really lucky with my roll for which troops I was able to deploy at the start of the game. The only units I wasn't able to deploy at the start of the table was my small unit of trolls and my bigboss. The dimwitted trolls was hard to get into place for the ambush and the bigboss was evidently working hard to get them moving.

As my troops are rather fragile I had set my eyes on the enemy archers thinking they would be some juicy target. If I could take them out early I think my army would have it much easier.

Two units of Forest goblins on spiders moves in from each side, springing my ambush.

The High Elf army moves in to protect their archers.

After some movement a small unit of spiderriders that had taken protection in the vegetation are surrounded and annihilated by two large eagles and a small unit of silver helms.

Forest goblin infantry is holding the last line of defence supported by a small goblin shaman.

All spiderriders are cleared out and the army moves again.
I still havnt had any luck with the trolls and the bigboss... My poor forest goblin infantry was in for a world of hurt...

Finaly my bigboss arrives on his big spider. But things looks rather bleak for me anyway...

The eagles and the elven knights charges in and an melee ensues. The silver helmes fails spectacular and the spearmen goblins manages to hold their ground, with the bad moon effect on this melee my bigboss and his spider racks of a hiss toll on dead elves...
And now finally the trolls have been so kind to shown up.

Next wave of elves closes in. My bigboss organises what is left of the Fores goblins. The High Elves cannot be allowed to leave.

The trolls are sent on a flanking mission, hitting the elves first with corrosive stomach acids and then with their clubs...
They are totally missing any idea of fighting civilised or fare.
The lowly Forest goblin infantry is taking the weight of all those sharp spears.

But my bigboss on his huge spider and the trolls are inflicting massive cassualties on the elven spearmen and they are forced back in.

The trolls and my small shaman finishes of the archers. In the end a lone troll is all that is left after the sword and knife fight of the elves. But the archers are routed.

The two "brave" elven "heroes"... are seen trying to cross the small forest lake in an attempt to not cross the path with the defenders...

They run for their life but that is not enough to get into safety...
The High Elf warband had been stopped and the bigboss and his spider, the shaman and wounded troll could celibrate this massive (pyrrhic) victory at the camp fire later that night.

Most have been a rather hollow celebration at that camp...

More goblins would have to be recruited in the future.

Wow what a game... I thought I was done for early in the game. I did manage to effectively neutralize the enemy archers but its was costly. I think it was still worth it, they could have damaged my army real good if I hadnt. The loss of the third spider rider unit was a little sad and then I really thought it was all over.
But somehow the bigboss on his spider managed to stabilize the defenses, get the trolls onto the battlefield and somehow stop the High Elves and win the game.