Thursday, 28 January 2021

Beduin light cavalry

 More light cavalry for my Saracen force...

This time its a Beduin unit. I went with a little lighter tones then the Sudanes and added more red. The theme was white, red and light blue.

The miniatures are a mixture of Old Glory metal miniatures with new spears ( I hate bendy metal spears that always bends or snap...), the new spears and the miniatures the unit is mixed with is Gripping Beast plastic light cavalry.
The horses didnt match that good but I hope it will not be to apparent on the table top later on. The sizes of the horses are really notable unfortunately but the rider not so much.
The Old Glory miniatures are really funny and full of character, they are noted as 25mm on their American site and it is unfortunately. Had they been a little larger I would have bought lots more of them. 

Saturday, 23 January 2021

Sudanese light cavalry

Here we have another Sudanese unit. You can never have enough light cavalry...

I really like the blue-brown tones that I went for with the Sudanese forces and this unit is no exception.

The miniatures are from Gripping Beast with new shields and some work on their heads. Those little things makes the miniatures a lot different.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Crusade era Sudanese heavy cavalry

I wanted to have some heavier punch with my Sudanese forces so I have finished this unit of heavy cavalry with spears.
I kept the previous colour tones of lots of brown and blue but with some fancier clothes and a little more colours and details, that and armour...

The miniatures are mostly Gripping Beast plastics but with one metal miniatures tossed in as the standard bearer, some new heads and new shields
I wanted to have a little fancier unit that still looked to match my previously painted light infantry.