Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Stormsword superheavy siege tank, work in progress pictures.

 Im working on my Solar Auxilia at the moment, wanting to raise them a level of standard and in the meantime Im also working on a Stormsword superheavy siege tank.

-For mother Terra...

Oh... And while working late this weekend I just might have bought a Baneblade kit from a guy that arrived today...

Hmm something like an start of an Leviathan force org perhaps.

Something in the lines of:
Solar Auxilia - Guards Super Heavy tank company

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Mörkeralver, troll och illvättingar - Dragon Rampant AAR

I took my small son to the club and thought to try out if he could be entertained as daddy would be able to throw some dice.

My friend Håkan was eager to play some Dragon Rampant and I thought that this would be a perfect game to play.

The dökkalfars had located a warbands of illvättars and a couple of trolls and sprung an ambush.

We played the scenario "Death Chase" of the excellent Dragon Rampant rules.

Birds eye view of the illvätte warband entering the open area where the dakkalfars will strike..

Dökkalfars, the dark elves rush from their positions.

The illvättars shots their shortbows and some dark elf are shot down.

They are taking cover amongst the rocks.

On the other flank even more arrows are loosens at the enemy dark elves.

Dark elves scouts advances.

Aelf infantry seen carrying their black banner.

Dark elf infantry engage the illvättar. But are met with surprisingly hard resistance and are pushed back with heavy casualties.

On the other flank the shortbows could do little to stop the aelfs.  After the aelfs charges is with their sword all that is left is a small illvätting fleeing for his life.

Dökkalfar drake riders charges in och their huge lizards against the illvätte commander and his small illvätte band of ruffians.

Calling in the heavy cavalry the illvätte commander is using help with the dice rolls, the plan was to use the "beginners luck" to my advantage...

My bear rider berserker charges the enemy commander and his bodyguard.

But that was of little use and the bear was sent limping back.

The illvätte chieftain had managed to pull pack, the plan is to call in the trolls for some bashing...
A big club to the forehead should do wonders on those pesky dark elven drake riders.

The trolls was getting angry and they charged the drake riders.

A bloody fight ensues and a lone drake rider is all that is left.

And he is forced to flee.

But he is cough by the trolls that bash him with their big clubs.

The other flank dont look as good as illvättar is taking cover along the trees as the Dark elves moves in.

Illvätte berserkers is caught in track by dark elves infantry.

The berserkers are forced to flee with heavy casualties.

And a little pause measuring stick fight...

Dark elf scouts lossens their arrows and the last troll is fleeing from all the sticky pain it inflicted.

The troll is running away from those dangerous dark elves.

Lots of small bands of illvättar managed with arrows and short spears take out the dark elves, elf by elf.
All that was left was some dark elf scout taking cover in the marshlands.

The wounded troll was last seen running for the protection of the deep forest.

When the battle calmed down all that was left was some lone bands of illvättar.
But even though the dark elves had been forced from the field they had managed to stop the illvätte advance and managed to stop them.

It was a costly victory for the Dökkaelfars but a victory non the less.