Thursday, 16 January 2020

One Page Grimdark AAR and the clubs new location

Our club, VÄS (Växjö Spelförening) have moved location as the previous landlord wanted to build a small apartment in our basement premises we used.
Our new location is in the outskirts of the town in a sort of company hotel where we got a larger room, a smaller room for storage and painting.

Its the nicest venue we have ever had but its a little farther to travel, I dont feel like taking the bike to the gaming club any more.

I was to test out "Grimdark Future" a "one page" set of rules to play "not 40k"

It can be found and downloaded at

I have never tested it before but its a light hearted set of rules that was easy to get into. I felt that I could construct am IG army that felt right. It was nice with the alteration activation of the game, a big change from the usual `I go you go´mechanics of 40k that sometimes feels really onesided.
So for the small amount of games of 40k I play nowadays this was a simple set of rules that still got the right "feel" for the miniatures and gameplay.
So test it out if you are getting tired of the constant set of codex creeps and additional rulessuplements from GW...

My valiant Death Korps would be facing the vile scums of the Tyranids under the command of hiveoverlord Erik.
For the game it was decided that we would game over 6 objectives.

Heavy bolters and a tank destroyer had taken up gun position behind the small hill.

The Tyranids are set up.

Heavy tank on the left flank, ready to engage the enemy.

Gun positions...
 The small critters is securing an objectives before they move out to engage the imperials...

 Tank hunter is searching for the bigger bugs for targeting...

The heavy tank is taking a beating...

The officer is holding the ground against the monstrosities by him self, all his men had already died.

The tank is barely  holding together but somehow managed to survive with two wounds left.
The lascannons managed take out the wounded but hidden Carnifex in the backfield, needing 6es to hit because of all the shrubbery.. Rolling 3 diced and hitting it twice...

The gun positions on the hill is being overrun by the Tyranid, a lone officer still holds the top...

The cavalry charges in and finishes the last of the swarm of smaller critters...

Grenadiers sneaks in from behind the Tyranid lines to wound the Hive queen that was trying to guard an objective.

All the imperials makes a huge swing from the right side, trying to clear out any Tyranids in its path.

The Tyranid threat is crushed under the boots of the Imperial Guard...
In the end it was a good game resulting in a 3-2 victory for the Imperial Guard.

One Page Grimdark Future was a nice set of rules and perfect for a sort of beer and pretzel type of game.
Sure, it has its drawback but it was easy to get into and as long as everybody is on par with the overall feel of the game and not trying to brake the rules I think it makes for a nice game.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Frälse från Erikska ätten

Here we have some noblemen from the House of Erik

They are intended for my Scandinavian medieval project but could easily be but into other medieval settings as dismounted knights or heavy infantry.

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Battle under the city of Paimanah, Parvana Mahrukh System. Horus Heresy campaing game 7

This is part 7 in our campaign of Parvana Mahrukh, set in the world of Horus Heresy, 30k

In the last game we saw the Expeditional Protection Force managing to protect most of their collected taxes and valuables from the greedy hands of the Eastern Fringe Trading Company.

This game was played in November or something so its hight time for a report from it...

In this part we will follow one of the many minor skirmishes under the city of Paimanah located in the Khurshid area.
We wanted to test an even smaller game and decided on a 500pts force.

The Solar Auxilia of the Eastern Fringe Trading Company under the command of Legate Commander Ryabov Vaniamin had been tasked to clear out the forces of the Expeditional Protection Force in this area.
And a small task force was set together for this mission.

The Servo automatas under the Companys hands scans the corridors for enemies.
Grenadiers in power armour from the Expeditonal Protection Force moves in to counter the encroachment.

The Servo automatas and the Enginseer rounds a corner and makes contact with the Grenadiers.
Tight corridors packs any movement.

At the end of the room an battle automata are ready to meet the Grenadiers...

Vicious close combat are still being battles in the corridors. The Command squad of the militia force has joined in.

Outflanking sentinels tries to use their autocannons against the Battle automata as the grenadiers unleashes fire at point blank range...

The dead are mounted up and the survivors are getting fewer..

An lasrifle reduced squad joins in to tip the numbers in the favour of the Eastern Trading Company.

Legate Commander Ryabov Vaniamin prepairs to engage the sentinels with his power fist.

And he and the last survivor of a lasriffle squad charges the sentinels...

Debris is falling on the combatants of this Zone Mortalis as the battle rages on overhead. An massive explosion from the battle in the city must have set loose a couple of rocks.

The copbats are still raging...

An lasrifle squad charges the grenadiers pinned in combat by the Battle automata.

The militia Commander, that I have some trouble identifing at the moment but I think it is Commander Ackerman is seen moving around this combat.

Milita Commander Ackerman charges in on Legate Commander Ryavov Vaniamin as he is battling the Sentinells.
But he stopped in his track from a mighty powerfist to the face...

All fell from the might of Legate Commander Ryabov Vaniamin and the area was in the hands of The Eastern Trade Company...

So there we have the third part of the battles around the city of Paimanah. What we can see now is that the Expeditional Protection Force had been pushed away from their checkpoints and tollbooth on the surface, been pushed away from the surrounding areas under grown but they had managed to relocate or extract almost all of the valuables and wares collected in the area.

So the Eastern Trade Company had manage to, at least on paper claim ownership of the area but their main price of all the collected wealth had eluded them...
The quick gain of monetary gains from the previous battle seems to evade them. It had been a costly victory.

Better pictures of Legate Commander Ryabov Vaniamin and the Castelax battle automatas can be seen in this post: