Wednesday, 11 September 2019

White Scars 1000pts Horus Heresy

I have done a small side project of batchpainting a 1000pts White Scars list for Horus Heresy.
And here are the side project finished...

A couple of years ago I bought a large 2hand vehicle park and have slowly worked my way through it. So this side project somewhat stems from the notion of that I wanted to shave of some layers on that huge pile of unpainted models...
And I wanted to try my hands on painting white...

And just for funsies... I painted the plasma and Volkite weaponry with special florescent colours from Vallejo that shines in UV-light
You never know when you are gaming in an rave next t

And as some of you might already have started to suspect these arent really White Scars but instead Alpha Legionnaires inspired by the colourscheme from Horus Heresy book 8, Malevolence.

Here are some pictures of the vehicles pre-painting, to show what I started with...

And here is the list I painted after:
It is by no mean a killer list but It got a little of everything, everything is mechanised and I really like the image I get with a small veteran formation behind enemy line with its own close artillery and Land speeders scouting ahead for the best way to move the force.

++  Crusade (Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List) [996pts] ++
XX: Alpha Legion
Rite of War: Chosen Duty

+ HQ +

Delegatus [120pts]: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield, Melta Bombs, On Foot, Power Dagger, Power Fist
. Combi-weapon: Combi-weapon: Plasma gun
. Consul
. . Delegatus

+ Elites +

Apothecarion Detachment [70pts]
. Apothecary, Legion: Artificer Armour, Augury Scanner, Power Sword

+ Troops +

Veteran Tactical Squad, Legion , Compulsory [291pts]: 8x Bolt Pistol, 4x Bolter, 5x Chainsword, 2x Combi-weapon: Plasma gun, Plasma gun, 2x Power Axe, 7x Veteran Space Marines, Legion, Vexilla, Legion
. Rhino Armoured Carrier, Legion: Dozer Blade, Extra Armour, Multi Melta
. Veteran Sergeant, Legion: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Power Dagger, Power Fist

Veteran Tactical Squad, Legion , Compulsory [300pts]: Banestrike Bolter Shells, 9x Bolt Pistol, 9x Bolter, 7x Combat Blade, 2x Power Axe, 9x Veteran Space Marines, Legion, Vexilla, Legion
. Rhino Armoured Carrier, Legion: Dozer Blade, Extra Armour, Multi Melta
. Veteran Sergeant, Legion: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Power Dagger, Power Fist

+ Fast Attack +

Land Speeder Squadron, Legion [70pts]
. Land Speeder, Legion: Heavy Bolter, Hunter-killer Missile, Volkite Culverin

Land Speeder Squadron, Legion [70pts]
. Land Speeder, Legion: Heavy Bolter, Hunter-killer Missile, Volkite Culverin

+ Heavy Support +

Artillery Tank Squadron, Legion [75pts]
. Whirlwind, Legion
. . Castellan and Vengeance Warheads

++ Total: [996pts] ++

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

40k AAR, Imperium vs Orks on the planet of Carvilia Optata

We are back at the planet of Carvilia Optata

Last report from this planet as well as the overall back story of the planet can be found here:

If the Imperial forces was quick enough, they could secure an area suited for constructing proper defenses before the seasons of the planet meant that the special storms and weather conditions would drive the Ork forces into this area.
If the defenses is strong enough the Ork forces would be forced to move away without burning the place to the ground.

And such the special conditions of the planet of Carvilia Optata drive the way of life for another season.
The Imperial inhabitants moves out of their vaults and their forts when the weather and Ork movements have settles down, they secures enough land from the sun blistered warzones.  Now they have to construct fortifications or new vaults that eater are not spotted by Ork movements, survive the attacks and then the heat and the sun that the Orks try to ever evade.

Here follows a pictographic presentation of the tale of base 124.35 A and its fate.

The Imperial forces had set up camp and was starting to secure a small area for future fortifications in no-man's zone
This area had good iron deposits, so securing an area here could mean that it would be able to grow strongly and be able to set up lots of defenses.

The Imperial guard forces had been reinforced by a small contingents of Astartes warriors from both the Blood Angels and the Ultra Marines chapters in the initial securing of grounds.

But the base of 124.35 A was built far from the next secured area and as such the Imperial forces might have over-extended its reach. The base 124.35 A would be one of the first places to be hit of the seasonally Ork invasion, and as such forces of the Astartes had been posted here for protection during the basic construction of the base.

But the local governor had been to greedy and had tried to construct just another base all to late during the pre-invasion seasons. And the Ork movements had been totally miscalculated and base 124.35 A was hit by the Orks before it was deemed secured or protected. 

We had decided to try out a scenario called Hold your gains and had decided on 3000pts on each side.

As this was was a game with multiple players I felt it wasnt to important what my 1000pts share would do so I built a rather extreme list as I wanted to test out the Macharius tanks... And I got 60 spare points from the Blood Angels so I was actually able to get two Machariuses in my army... and a Marshal with 10 regular riflemen.
Granted to army is totally unbalanced and will probably suck... But I dont care... It will look cool...

A small presentation of the armored elements I brought can be found here:

The Imperial commanders discusses future plans.

An overview of the initial base, rudimentary defenses have been placed but not all is installed or is operational as of now.

An massive Ork force has surrounded the small camp and are attacking from both sides out of nowhere. Scout and recon teams have failed miserable in warning about this and the defenders are caught totally off guard.

The Ork forces are on top of the defenders from turn one...

The Death Korps infantry are shot down in the trenchers by a massive hail of shots...

The Orks storms the center of the area where the Imperial commanders had held discussions of the future plans on the base.
Lets just see if there will be any future base of 124.35 after this Ork encounter...

My Death Korps Marshal 031.003 Baptiste Rousselot actually managed to cut down two Ork Noobs with his relic blade.

All but the Death Korps of Krieg Marshal is cut down in the initial charge... I guess he is on his own from now on...
And the bikers charges in...

But the dices totally abandoned me here....
For a total of four ones in a row...
One dice for the defensive fire with his hot-shot laspistol and then three ones with his relic blade...

And with all luck of Death Korps Marshal totally abandon him, he was cut down by the Ork onslaught...

About now we decided that it is something terrible wrong with this scenario... And it was the start of turn two...
And we started to cheat and change around with the scenario rules.
The Ork player moved around and actually let us enter the table, had he wanted to he could easily had hindered us from ever enter the table as the rules from this scenario wouldn't let us set up our reinforcements within 9" from an enemy unit. And had he just set up any model within 9" of the table edge and within 18 from each other the game would have been over now.

So the Ork players instead moved away from the edges and let me set up my massive models halfway of the table to at least almost be outside of the 9" non deployment zones...

And we cheated further by automatically move in all of our reinforcements instead of arriving on a 3+

Heavy armour from the Death Korps rumbles in to try to save the base...

Astartes reinforcements enters...

Death Company Primaris special unit charges the heavily wounded massive Ork Gorkanaut (or Morkanaut ?) and finished it of.
My Macharius heavy tank with twin battlecannons had just taken it down to just 5 wounds after a really really good set of dicerolls..

The massive Ork leader charges in and destroys my Macharius Vulcan.

The Ork tank hunters uses a Command Point to activate a special stratagem and a whole unit starts to toss meltabombs at my Macharius and it is also destroyed...

With almost all of our forces destroyed by turn 3 or something base 124.35 was totally run over by the Orks and all scraps from the area was looted for the horde to ad resources and material for the future survival of the moving horde of Orks of this clan.

What a game... I actually had lots of fun getting totally stomped by the Ork forces.
Highlight of the game must be when my Death Korps Marshal held the center and the Orks back by him self event cutting down two Nobs. With all the Astartes dead he was alone in the center.
And when he failed miserable in the following turn with more ones then I think I have ever seen been rolled in a row ever...

For the scenario, there are much to be wished. It felt totally unbalanced.
We started with about 1/3 or our strength on the table, the Orks had their whole force and was able to shoot and later charge in the first turn. Almost wiping out our 1/3 in one go.
And as a further salt in the wounds the Ork player would start the game, this meant that they had two turns against our 1/3 to finish of any survivors from the initial charge before we had any chance to have reinforcements.
From our turn two reinforcements would arrived on 3+, this meant that about 2/3 of our remaining troops.
And the Ork forces could then destroy them when they arrive piecemeal with all of their forces.

And then the deployments of the reinforcements... We could set them up 12" in but without 9" from the enemy. If the Ork player had set up with 18" between his units and within 9" from the edges we would not have been able to deploy any troops at all.

I really really hope that we misread or misunderstood some of the scenario rules because it really didnt felt balanced at all.

But it was rather fun none the less. Thanks to all the players involved.