Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Vikinga slag

Vikinga slag

This evening we had a Viking battle using my miniature collection and using the Hail Caesar rules with four players, two on each side.

Heathen norsemen against christian norsemen.

It felt like it was some time now since I played a Hail Caesar games and some rules was a bit hazy but all in all a very fun game.

(Edit: Having now reread most of the rules I noticed we did some things wrong but no matter, a good game it was)

 The Ulvhedins are closing in on the peasants hiding amongst the rocks.

 And charge in.

 The monks are teaching som thrals the way of the new God...

 The big clash of hirdmen

Having been chased away one time the peasants tries to pay back by charging the Ulvhedins in the flank.

 Again they got soundly beaten and this time it was to mutch for them.

 The big clash of norsemen after some reorginising, sending farward a unit of Bondi troops.

 The Tralls are broken by the Christian monks.

 A small size pagan Hirdmen unit brakes and shatters a Bondi unit.

 Again, the Ulvhedins are fighting. This time against a Gestir unit.

This was one extremly bloody fight, both hirdmen unit got shattered and both Viking chieftain died. The only survivor was Harald Bukhäng.
(Only the loosing side would have their unit shattered but you live and learn... well maybe not for these guys who died horribly doe...)

Having survived the previus carnage Harald Bukhäng takes command of the här and joins the Ulvhedins. 

 Having spent most of the game standing still their chieftains finaly managed to sent his riders farward ataking a unit of archers trying to take shelter at the age of a small forest.

After the initial clash the archers are sent packing, but are later chased down. With the archer unit destroyed it ment that the Christians army had taken to heavy losses and was beaten.

Only fitting the final Christian unit was destroyed by a unit bearing a banner of Odin...

More pictures of the battle can be found at my friend Peters blog:

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Torpa stenhus - Medieval fair

Two weekends ago I and my family visited a medieval fair in Torpa stenhus, just south of Ulricehamn in Sweden.

A rather small market was set up just outside of the small “castle” with about 20 or so tents with stuff to sell and some people dressed up in medieval clothes

I ended up going home with a small wooden box with some nice carvings on the lid and some medieval/Viking age inspired glass pearls in some nice colors with the intension of using it as a sort of dice box of some sort.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mutant Chronicles resurrection ?

Now with Prodos Games having resurrected the old Mutant Chronicles game and some gamers at the club started to talk about it I looked throe some old boxes of stuff at my folks summer house while I was visiting them.

I found these bad boys… Some old Dark Legion miniatures.

I don’t know if I want to continue and expand them or if I should start on a new faction. But maybe these old crappy miniatures could be resurrected with a new paintjob.

And a link to the new homepage of Mutant Chronicles.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Vikinga Här

With the girlfriend away, or maybe more important the 15 month old daughter… I could make a sort of inventory for my self of my Norsemen collection spread out on the floor.

Here is something to feast your eyes on, my whole Här of Vikings that is painted at the moment.

The inventory gave me the numbers of what I have.

In Hail Caesar terms this will be the following.

1 small size unit of Thralls with javelins
1 standard size unit of Gestir
1 small size unit of villagers with dogs
3 standard size units of Hirdmen
1 small size unit of Hirdmen
1 small size of Varangian Guards
1 small size of Ulfhednar
1 small size of mounted Hirmen
1 standard size of Bondi with bows
2 standard size units of Bondi
1 small size unit of Christian monks trying to spread the word
4 Viking Chieftains or heroes
1 Skald

Thing I noticed is that I need to get more fitting movement trays and that I like multibases, so expect more multibases to come.

Other things I need is to get more light infantry, more archer or ranged troops, more Bondi with spears( Im waiting on an order of Gripping Beast Dark age warriors), more heroes or characters would be fun, more skalds, a unit or two of Huscarls, a sort of Norse priesthood or Völva and Im thinking on getting some Norsemen with more eastern oriented equipment.
And I need more Hirdmen, in short I think I need more of everything…

Is there any particular unit on your wish list for me to get?