Thursday, 29 October 2015

Vikingar mot Vättar, Treemoss fantasy AAR

I wanted to play some games with my "Treemoss fantasy" miniatures and wanted to try out the Lions Rampant rules for this.

It was a pretty straight forward approach using the standard rules and just ”translate” my miniatures to fitting unit types. Each was a 24pts warband.

*=Unit containing the commander

The Norsemen warband consisted of
Hirdmen*                                      = Men at arms
Hirdmen                                        = Men at arms
Bondi                                            = Serjeants
Bondi with bows                          = Archers

The Vättar warband consisted of:
Vätte Rövarband*                     = Foot Yeomen with mixed bows
Vätte Rövarband                       = Foot Yeomen with mixed bows
Trolls                                         = Expert Serjeants
Benryggar                                 = Wild fighters
Vätte Spanare                            = Bidowers
Vätte Spanare                            = Bidowers

An easy way of doing it and it worked beyond expectation.

We played Scenario E: Hold on tight.

The objective is simulated by a gold treachery and player’s gets one point each turn if they have a unit on the objective at the start of their turn. First to five points win and you automatically gets five points for routing your enemies’ forces.

The book "Vikingar i krig" for inspirational flickering or just to read up on Norsemen tactics...

The Norsemen got a large forest in front of them. Not a weary nice start for having a demo game on a rule... I noticed this after we had started that this "might" not be totally fair.. sorry.

Vättarna got an easier way ahead. 

The plan was to park the Trolls on the treashure and secure their flanks with the Vättar.

After a slow start the Bondi troops move out and early on forms a Shieldwall formation. Tightning their ranks, I think they were expected to be charged.

The Trolls starts to fill upp their pockets with coins earning me one point, or is it their loincloth?

The Bondi archers starts to pick on my Commanders unit of Vättar.

I had managed to take out one Hirdman with my shortbows but that was not enough.

My Vätte spanare were driven back

My Vätte protective screan started to thin out because of the Bondi archers.

My Benryggar, berserkers rushed in an managed to drive one of the Bondi units away.

My Trolls were also drivven back by the Hirdmen.

The Benryggar berserkers charges the next Bondi unit.
This did not turn out that good and they were driven back instead.

The trolls charges in and finish of the Hirdmen that were trying to collect some coins.

The Norsemen advance and the Trolls are first charged by the Bondi.

These were smashed to the ground...

But then the Hirdmen charged in...

The Hirdmen finally takes down the Trolls and it was a victory for the Norsemen.

In the second game I rearange the terrain somewhat to not having the large forest hindering one of the teams so mutch.

For simplicity I used the same scenario

The Norsemen moves out or their small village to collect the treasure before the Vättar can take it away.

The Vättar are having a really slow start and I think they might be a little afraid on ventureing to close to the Norsemen civilisation.
A unit of Hirdmen are braking formation and storms forth, a damaged unit of Vättar are infront of them as the trackers are hiding in the forest.

The berserkers had a clash with the Hirdmen, both came out with a bloddy nose.
But they are outnumbered by the Norsemen here.

Here are an overview of the table, the Trolls seems to have some distance before they can make contact with the Norsemen.

The Bondi archers are ready for anything that moves.

The Bondi spearmen moves onto the objective.
The Trolls have now covered some ground and are now closing in.
In the distans a unit of Hirdmen can be seen chaising away the last trackers after they had slaughtered the berserkers.

The Bondi makes a Shieldwall formation in anticipation of the Trolls.

But instead the Archers har hunted down... Big rocks and tree trunks surly can smash a human face.

The Bondi Shieldwall held and the Hirdmen chased the Vättar into and out of the forest earning the Norsemen a victory.

I must say that the Lions Rampant rules did work out really good in this setting and I will definitely be using it with my “Treemoss fantasy” project in the future. Its nice to be able to swap rules as you see fitting but use the same miniatures.

Im not totally sure that Expert Sergeants was the best way of represent the Trolls and I might test another troop type another time but at the same time I wanted something with some sort of staying power but could still attack. Men at arms seemed to well armoured and I allready got a unit of Fierce Foot in this warband. We will see.

The Vättar warband consist entierly of Red Box Games, Goblins.

The Norsemen are from different makers. Many are from Gripping Beast but I like to use different miniature makers.

I played these Demo games when my club VÄS had an "open day", having lots of different games for people to try out. It was mostly members atending but I saw some new and old faces currently not members.
Here are some pictures of the other boards.

A Warhammer 40k, mega battle. Orks vs Space Marins.

A game of Freebooters Fate, really nice houses.

A game of Secrets of the third reich. Nice to see this game.