Thursday, 25 August 2011

Early Russian, DBA

Last summer a friend and I decided to each get a mediaeval DBA army, and in that autumn we started to paint and later play some games. My friend was interested in getting Teutonic knights and I was lured in to getting an Early Russian army.
So the theme for our project fell on the teutonic crusade in the Baltic region in 1100-1200-something.  
Both armies are very horse heavy, the Teutonics with knights and the Russkies with medium cavalry. The knights are more heavy hitting but the cavalry have greater speed and thus better maneuverability. This meant some really fun and intense games.

And as I try to recycle some of my older work in betwen some new stuff, it is time to show of the Early Russians.

The camp was made by first making a paper building and then dressing it in an outer layer of toothpicks. The copula is made in “gray-stuff”, it’s the same as the more well-known “green-stuff” but have some different properties that are for me unknown. After painting I covered the roof in the same flock as the rest of the army´s bases.

Here is an work in progres picture of it. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Panzer KampLaüfer

This model have been on my ”to get list” for some time. 

I finally got me a Panzer KampfLaüfer.
The model is from Dust tactics.
In the box you get an basic Pz. KpfL. but with a variety of different weapon options.
As I don’t play the Dust tactics game I chose a weapon option on my own.
The model is painted in German ww2 “ambush pattern”.

The Pz. KpL Commander on the picture above is on her smoke brake. The model is from Darkson Design AE: WWII line.
Take a special notice to the cotton smoke from her cigarette.

My other smaller German mechas each got a pinup girl as a mascot, on this I went in another direction.
The mascot for the big Pz.KpL I chose Piglet and if my googel-fu is not mistaken is “Ferkel” in German.

Jagdgeschwader 27

I had an imaginary image of Bf109 flying low over the battlefields in Tunisia and the battles around Kasserine Pass. I knew I “needed” some Messerschmitt’s, and the lot fell on the Jagdgeschwader 27.

Some of my favorit ww2 photos from an Bf109 in african cammoflage.

And now to the pictures, the models are from QRF, they are not on the same level of some of my other airplanes but with some paint you can fix them up.

I use them to my mid-war DAK in Flames of war.

Although the Stuka is an better air support option in most cases the Bf109 option is somewhat cheaper but the main reason to field them is because they look so good.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

12ss HJ

More 12ss troops, in these pictures you will see some supporting weaponry.

PaK 40
These guns are great at keeping those pesky Shemans at bay. I seldom leave home without them...

MG42. You cant argue with that rate of fire.
I use them as combat attachments in my regular plutoons to increase there anti infantry firepower.

Gw34, 8cm mortar.
Primary used to smoke the opponent so he cannot see and hindering his plans. They are also good att blasting infantry in the open.

12ss Hitler Jugend

Here are some pictures of my "most militant teenagers in the world" 12SS Hitler Jugend.
15mm ww2 Germans to one of my Flames of war armies (one of many…)

Take a special note to the licenseplate on the last picture. You just got to love watertransfers.


When I saw an offer that you would get a box of plastic 28mm Napoleonic troops when you started an subscription of Wargames Illustrated I just couldn´t resist.
My army of choice fell on the Frenchies as I just love those shining Cuirassiers. The collection of French Napoleonic troops has slowly grown since the first box of Perry miniature plastic French.
The Rules we use to play with is the Black Powder rules from Warlord Games.

4th Cuirassiers 

22nd Dragoons

Dismounted Dragoons


Old guard (same unit different formations on these pictures, thought I should point that out.)

 French officer on horse.

2nd Hussars

And in the basement I got to many unpainted and half painted French miniatures…
The miniatures are a mix of Perry miniature and Victrix. I prefer the Victrix as the look so much better and more detailed. Even thou there are more parts to glue I find it still worth it.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wardancing to Shaka Khan

 15mm Zulu warriors

Here we have some 15mm Zulus from Blackhat, intended to be used in DBA

Rules for Zulus can be find here.

181a: Proto-Zulu (or Zulu) (500 AD to 1908 AD)
8 x 4Wb (main army), 2 x 3Bw or 4Wb*, 2 x 4Aux or 2Ps or 4Wb (allied tribes)

* Missile armed (if Zulu would be rifles), some made or had good enough bows to be used in this way.
This army represents those groups that became organized or were warlike enough to be well organized. They seem to have been able to overwhelm their opponents with tactics, fighting skill and numbers brought to the field of battle. The Zulu seem to have been the last major group but not the first. They were unique with the change in shield and spear, but not in ability to organize or field an army. They were also unique in doing away with missile troops until they started getting guns in trade or as loot, which they were quick to adopt for themselves.

That’s a lot of warbands for me with unfortunately little variations as I felt Bw-troops would be wrong, but it’s a beautiful army to look at.
Now I need to persuade a friend to also get some Africans and the tribalwar is on…

Children in the forest

Well this may not be a troll but at least she is in the picture, tracking some no-good kids...

The children I think are from Hasslefree.

What I should use them for I don’t know right now, but you can guess they’re up to no good, littering the forest with breadcrumbs, demolishing some poor old lady’s gingerbread house or eating three bowls of bear-oatmeal.

They are wicked I say.

Old troll

I just wanted to show off my old river troll I just repainted from childhood. I kept her in a box all those years as I knew that the model could come in handy some day.

I rebased her, gave her some greenstuff with a nose- and boob-job and a tail. All trolls should have a tail in my opinion but most companies seem to totaly miss this so I corrected the model.
I intend to use her with the Songs of... rules

My inspiration of the choice of colors to this troll should be familiar with all Swedish people( I think it’s written in the Swedish law books... Wink)

Friday, 19 August 2011

Red box games goblins

Red box games Goblins, sculpted by the one and only Tre.

I just love these models. They were extremely funny to paint. There so full of character. I hope to finish a couple more of these babies next month. I intend to use the Songs of blades and heroes rules from

Number one, scuba diver

Ladys (as if...) and gentlemens, I give you Hans the Hunter.

I realy realy like this model and to paint him. Many thanks to the sculptor.
Im not totaly happy with the outcome of the grass, but dont know if I will fix it.

The miniature is "Hans the Hunter" from West Winds, Secrets of the third reich game.

Iron man

Here we have 2 british light mechas I converted, the problem is that I dont have any british miniatures to acompany them, I gueas I could get som paras later on.

My story is that the aircraft company De Havilland won a military contract to produce a light weight mecha that would be able to be droped from the air. They are therefore constructed in aluminium (you can se the silvery color were the paint is damaged), two small jetengines from De Havilland is mounted on the back of the mecha do alow it dropp from air and give it a limited ability do do jumps on the battle field. Its not able to do a regular flying as they lack a large enough gasoline tank.

They are painted and marked acording to RAF standard. They are equiped with a light assault rifle for self defense and a larger primary weapon. One of them is equiped with a larger .50cal version of the famous Bren gun (1/35 is to big for 28mm) and the outher one is equiped with a dubble bareled belt fed version of the Vickers K machinegun

They are intended to be used in Secrets of the third reich.

When I was painting these I noticed that I was humming the melody to "Iron man", so I cant be totaly sane…
The original model is from a Japanes toy/model.