Thursday, 25 August 2011

Early Russian, DBA

Last summer a friend and I decided to each get a mediaeval DBA army, and in that autumn we started to paint and later play some games. My friend was interested in getting Teutonic knights and I was lured in to getting an Early Russian army.
So the theme for our project fell on the teutonic crusade in the Baltic region in 1100-1200-something.  
Both armies are very horse heavy, the Teutonics with knights and the Russkies with medium cavalry. The knights are more heavy hitting but the cavalry have greater speed and thus better maneuverability. This meant some really fun and intense games.

And as I try to recycle some of my older work in betwen some new stuff, it is time to show of the Early Russians.

The camp was made by first making a paper building and then dressing it in an outer layer of toothpicks. The copula is made in “gray-stuff”, it’s the same as the more well-known “green-stuff” but have some different properties that are for me unknown. After painting I covered the roof in the same flock as the rest of the army´s bases.

Here is an work in progres picture of it. 

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