Monday, 24 February 2020

Adeptus Titanicus event

Titan walks...

We had a small Adeptus Titanicus event. It was intended as a test day of the game. To get some games played but mostly for people to get a grip on the rules and to test the games for those that had never played.

A simple concept that worked wonders.

To start up each player selected a Reaver or two warhounds and the imperial civil war had started...

The Warhounds tried to push their engines to move out of the firelanes of the heavier Reavers. A mechanical malfunction from pushing the engine resulting in one of the Warhounds mashinespirit waked up and took control, and it had no intension of moving... at all... The Warhand was caught in the open.

After a hefty firefight the traitors had pushed to far and the defensive positions of the Imperials had taken their toll. The one Warhound on the flank got smashed by a Reaver powerfist as the other traitor Reavers takes a massive smackdown from all the loyalist firepower...
First intro game, Imperial victory... Huzza !

Here we have a spread on all the great looking Titans and knights we had for the day. Its a great way to push you painting, to get things finished to an event. Its a great motivation.
And its been lots of fun to see all the pictures that people have been posted of their work for this event.
My own knight house have been given three more Questoris knights, some white stripes and details, and some more work on the white marble on the armour since my last pictures of the work in progress.

For the second game each player was given more titans to controll, I instead choose to field a collection of knights.
We didnt count any points but war is never fair to begin with...

Imperial Warlord Titan is starting to pack up some damage...

My Knights have been totally decimated by all the huge titans but two plucky small Questoris knights have managed to survive long enough to close in, trying to evade enemy firepower by standing behind then...

Engaged by something like five Titans in its flank, things starts to look bad for the Imperial...

As the Warlord pushes it shields the heavily damaged plasmacore starts to collapse, the warning lights are flickering in red.
Servitors trying to fix all the damage but it is only so much they can do.
The plasmacore explodes in an massive explosion, bits of the titan are flung far and wide.
The Imperial Reaver standing behind it gets the most of it and it is hit in the body parts and the damage destroys the almost untouched Reaver in an instant, flinging its massive body to the ground even further away...
With most of the Imperial forces destroyed the second game was a massive Traitor victory.

This had been a great day of gaming and socialising. And we all learned a lot about the rules, this combined with all the models that got painted made this an really nice mini-event.

Thanks to Fredrik for initialising the event and all others that attended.

More pictures from the day can be found over at Fredriks blog:

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Wip Adeptus Titanicus Questoris knight house, House of Naryshkin

I thought it was a good time to show some Work in progress pictures on my Questoris knight house for Adeptus Titanicus.

I wanted to continue on the Knight House that belongs to my noble house I use as the ruling elite in Horus Heresy. Most notable from my friend Håkans and mine Campaign - Parvana Mahrukh and some 30k event I have participated in.

Here we have the status om my Knight House at the moment of writing.

The 28mm version was fielded at the Ajax event last summer as the heavy hitting element of my force.

The heavy artillery for my knights.

And here we have a scale picture with a 28mm Space Marine on a 32mm base.

The Hussar wings come from Trolls under the Bridge Miniatures:
Originally I bought them a couple of years ago for my Death Korps of Krieg but I so rarely play 40k nowadays I thought it was better to give them a better home on the backs on my Questoris Knights.