Saturday, 30 March 2013

12th Hussar

Latest Napoleonic unit, French 12th Hussar.

I wanted to have a unit in red to confuse my British opponents. Suits them fine as they have blue artillery crews…

Its always nice to see a Napoleonic unit fully painted. But the road there are not always as fun as it should be. Damn those Napoleonic uniforms with all those buttons, laces and what nots.

Besides the excelent spread sheets you get in Perry Boxes, here are one of the pictures I used as reference. Hussars at its finest. 

But even thou Napoleonic units are not the must fun to paint I already got plans for more…

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Norsemen kitbashing

I havn´t seen anyone doing this but thought that it could be done, kitbashing Gripping Beast excelent plastic Hirdmen with Conquest Games Norman infantry.

The plan is (besides giving me some more cheep miniatures) to create something that could be used to represent Norsmen Gestir troops.
Statvise they will be someting in between Hirdmen and Bondi but more about that when they are painted.

And I found a use for all those extra arms from Wargames Factory... to help me in my kitbashing.

I think they turned out rather nice but things to have in mind is that Gripping beasts necks are on the torsos and Conquests are on their head.
I covered the joints with some liquid greenstuff after I used the shoulder parts from the left over arms as the neck.

Hope it can inspire you to test something diffrent.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dba castle

I made this small litle castle to DBA as a sort of generic BUA or Camp to have at the club.

After I built it I noticed the courtyard is a litle to small to host some defenders.

Oh well its only a excuse to build some more. It was a quick and fun build so I think I can make some more and larger ones later on. Its a start atleast.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


I played some DBA a couple of days ago at  the club. One of the games was all feathers and jungles...
Mayan indians against Amazon indians.
We are planning to do an DBA campaing at the club, the armies have just arrived and my fresh force is waiting for me to start paint. 
And as a way of warming up we played some games last gaming evening.
Here we got some pictures from one of the games.

I played the Amazonians. The sheer amount of poisoned arrows was to prove to tought for the river crossing Mayans. 
A hard fought game that I first thought should be an massacre on my troops.
The plan from my side was to do a psiloi rush to annoy my opponent and hopefully give me time to form some nice archer lines. With some bad pip rolls on his part early in the game I was able to halt his advance and slowly push him back and brake his lines.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Some members of my gaming club VÄS (Växjö spelförening) have desided to run a DBA campaing, and we finally decided on Mongol terror as the theme.

I chose the Khwarizmian IV/24 as my nation. By the year we aim to start our campaign in, the Khwarazim (modern day Iran) are already overrun by the Mongols and I will start as a vassal state of the Mongols. I will post a more detailed blogpost about that later.
What makes the Khwarizmian unique in this campaign is the Elephant and I have high hopes on it.

And here are some pictures showing the miniatures primed white.

The miniatures are from Essex.

Here are some of the other members of my club joining in on this.

While gearing up for DBA I finished some small trees.
They are here shown for scale together with some 15mm miniatures, an 28 Goblin and a hand of a one year old little girl…

I have some things on my painting table I would like to get finished before starting this but we will see how that goes.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Norsemen traders

Here I got some less aggressive Norsemen.
The plan was to ether use them as rankfillers, to mix up the formations and create even greater variations or to use them as objectives or civilian bystanders to spice up the table top. They are based singly in the same way as the other Norsemen. 

 The miniatures are from Gripping Beast.

And when I was at it I also painted up two more plastic Wargames Factory Vikings with bows from the lose sprue I got from a friend. All I got left from this little gift is one Viking and lots and lots of arms… Strange choice to fill the sprue with…

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The Hird has grown… I tested a new approach and did a 8man multibase instead of the 4 men that I have done as the standard multibase until now. This gave me the opportunity to align the miniatures and build better shieldwalls. 

On the base you can see a mixture of plastic and lead Hirdmen from Gripping Beast, one of the Hirdmen have a GW head donated to me from a friend. I like to mix the unit with lead miniatures as it gives me more life to the unit, more variations but still let me bulk up the masses in plastic.

I also did a new 4man base. One of the hirdmen here also have a GW Empire head and a wolf pelt from an GW Mordheim miniature I think it was.

And together with some Berserkers I did earlier these two bases make up a `standard size´ two rank deep unit in Hail Caesar with 16 miniatures.

This means I can soon play out bigger battles and moving from `small´units into `standard size´ones, making an even more impressive game I hope.