Wednesday, 25 January 2017

40k Mega battle

Last Saturday we had another megabattle of Warhammer 40k.

I would be fielding my Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade alongside Blood Angels and Sisters of Battle. We would be facing two Imperial Guard armies with an Ork mercenary force in support.
Each player had an 2000pts force which means 6000pts on each side.

Three objectives were placed in the centre of the table and one points were given to controlling side each players turn meaning that if you hold the objective in both your turn and in the enemy turn you got two points.

 The Sisters leads the way and the Death Korps makes their vehicles take fire positions.

As the Sisters Rhinos speed forwards the first of the Blood Angels droppods starts descending.

Death Korps infantry enters the building with Sisters following them.

 My artillery sisters starts to pivot into place to rain death onto enemy artillery.

The Blood Angels have taken the hill and my infantry tries to run to them now when the top is secured.

Orkish walkers closes in.

Enemy flamer tank makes a large hole in my lines, the marines on the hilltop have taken a beating.

And the enemy have secured one of the objectives.

The Angels...

The Orks in the centre is cleaning the place up...

A pair of holy angels...
The living saint is seen along side an Blood Angel...

And the Orks just owns the centre objective...

Our left flanks looks much better... My Death Korps have secured the objectives and the points are ticking in as the Sisters and the Blood Angels presses forward.

Time to bring this beast down... Melta guns forwards...

And it survived.. I have no idea how they could miss their target at this distance...

The Orks call in reserves that hit us in the flank, heavy flames equipped light vehicles that did alot of damage.

We are having a field day on the enemy walkers...

Enemy Basilisk artillery have damaged my Thunderer Siege tanks.

With the help of the marines we managed to take out those nasty buggies.

My Artillery Spotter riding in a Vanquisher tank.

Enemy Hellhound presses forward...

The Imperial guard player on our right flank had almost managed to came out on top but we had by now managed to rearrange our troops and make a combined push and his army was now falling apart.  

Having declared a Forlone Hope at the start of the game I was able to call in another platoon of infantry. With more melta guns and throwing krak grenades I was able to destroy the weapons on that beast... But not totally silence it.

With the help of the Artillery spotter I was able to call in Basilisk onto the enemy tank commander and his bodyguard tank to soften them up, the Vanquisher cannon finished the work...

By now it was late and both the enemy guards players had taken a beating. We called it a day, the end result stopped at like 16-12 or something. As I failed (yet again) to capture the Forlorn Hope objective two of those points were given because of that. I should really stop using that option because I have by now managed to capture it an just handing free points to the enemy...

It turned out to be a interesting battle with different tactics for each side. The enemy more or less divided the table into three sectors with one player trying to get the objective in front of them. On our side we instead spread out the Sisters of Battle and the Death Korps over the whole table with the Blood Angels dropping down all over the place. I felt we had better cooperation and could help each other out when that was needed.
We rather early into the game felt the Ork force in the centre would be hard to crack with all that terrain blocking our fire and we started to allocate forces from the centre to the flanks to instead have greater forces there.
Trading one objectives for two and I think that it really paid of in the end.

Thanks to all players involved.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Alpha Legion, 30k wip

A friend "forced" me to start 30k... Horus Herasy

He gave me a good deal on some Marines and together with some other miniatures I plan to atleast get a Zone Mortalis themed 500pts Alpha Legion force to start with.

Here are some work in progress pictures of my tactical squad, the base marines are from the Betrayal at Calth box with some added kit from Anvil Industry and some small things from other sources.

The Sergeant with a Artificer armour, Boltgun , Power fist and a Power dagger.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Death Korps of Krieg Leman Russ squadron - done

Finally.. My squadron of Leman Russes for my Death Korps of Krieg is complete.
Well, good enough at least... I could always had added more details and thought about motifs and maybe some text and so on, on the side armour but this will more then do for the table top.
I could always add more details later on.

The miniatures all have different backgrounds, some are second hand tanks that was in a really bad shape when I got them. I have started to like to fix old battered tank miniatures, add bits and greenstuff and finish it of with painting like my Thundered Siege tanks posted earlier. (

Leman Russ variant with lots of firepower...

Vanquisher, anti tank variant. Here with an tank commander with an binocular. He could be used squadron commander or as the artillery spotter option.
The Vanquisher barrel is masked in the same way as an WW2 British Sherman Firefly tank to make it blend in with an regular Leman Russ with Battle Cannon.

Basic Leman Russ configuration.

All of the vehicles are magnetised and I got lots of different options, all vehicle can be equipped magnetised side sponsons If I so chooses. In future I can always ad more magnetised weapon options. The tank crews are loose so I can change or skip them from the tanks.

Same tanks but with different weapons layout.