Sunday, 23 August 2015

German knights

Latest unit finished. A small unit of German knights. I wanted to use lots of yellow, red and black on these knights. The only regrets I feel with the colouration I went with is that I should have had more eagle motifs and heraldry.
If I paint another unit of German Knights I must remember that.

The miniatures are from Fireforge Games ( and I really like them.

The Knight with the blue and white checker markings are inspired from the blue and white of the Bavarian flag.

These were actually the other half of a unit I have painted previously, and here are the complete unit in all its glory.

I am sure this unit will look killer on the tabletop.

More pictures of the other half can be found here:

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Kronobergs Slottsruin

A cold rainy day a couple of weekends ago I pressganged my own daughter to accompany me to the Kronobergs Slottsruin, just north of Växjö where I live. I needed some company and a model for scale...

Usually on Saturdays during this summer Växjö HEMA sällskap ( are having practising/ showing their hobby but I guess the bad weather meant they had cancelled that day.

Lets just say it wasn´t crowded... It was me and my daughter and a family of German tourist.

In this post you will see some of the picture  I took from the visit. Some pictures are named with a number indicating which room they were taken from/ in.

The ruin had some small informative  pictures with some information in Swedish, English and German.

Picture from within room 5,  round tower if I remember correctly.

 19, Southwest staircase

They had a small display of an dinner with handmade dolls. It was nice to have atleast little colours to display besides all the bare rocks from the ruined castle.
I tried to take lots of pictures here for future references....

 Some pictures from the western side.

This could have been 14, the  kitchen tower. I dont remember exactly.

 Pictures from room 15, see the orientation picture later

Different stages of the castle

I really like this last picture of the castle. If I ever make a miniature castle Im sure it would look splendid.

Pictures of the main gate to the south from within the castle.

Guard room, the entry can be seen in the picture above.

Inside the guard room, room 2.

Picture on the Stallholmen, just south of the ruined castle.

Stallholmen, its a small island just south of the main castle, used for workers and cattle.

Just south of Stallholmen is a small restaurant and café as well as the harbour place for
Ångaren Thor

And luckily they had some candy, a well deserved moral boost for being forced on daddy's little visit. 

And here is a small paper from the visit. That gives a picture of what each room was used for.

This could be a nice project to build and game in the future.
Its a rather small castle which make it so much easier to build and game on. And as it really have been involved in war with actual attack you don´t need to invent a sort of "what if" scenario to represent it. Its a period in time that I havn´t gamed that much yet and that makes it even more interesting in a miniature game oriented game.