Monday, 29 April 2013

Yeay, I´m famous...

Yeay, I´m famous...

Well almost...

I can only recomend the trolls from Ral Partha, those sculpts are so full of life. And price is just perfect.
For more pictures of those trolls look here:

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Khwarizmians DBA IV/24

Yeah thats right, Khwarizmians in DBA IV/24

My gaming club (VÄS - Växjö Spelförening) have chosen to game a DBA campaign and chosen Mongol terror as the theme of it and this is the army I will play in it.
In the real world the Khwarazmian Empire got soundly beaten by the Mongols but we will see if I can give them some payback on a tabletop.

The miniatures are from Essex. And they are surprisingly good, I really thought they would look like crap, how wrong I was. Ok ok, they don’t match up to my Russians from Mirlitons but not close behind.
I really thought that as Essex are one of the great old companies the sculpts would be all up to yesterdays standard but with bad moulds by now... I was totaly wrong, I really like them and am already considering my next army...

For painting I went with a kind of “easter egg” theme, lots of bright colors. I wanted these to really stand out on the battlefields in comparison with horse tribes brown and medieval Europe brown armies…

The banners are from varies pictures I found on the net, scaled down to fit my miniatures and then printed on paper and then some extra colors from my brush.

My Khwarizmians will strike fear in my opponents, or at least look good trying to do it.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Beja swordsmen

I needed a little painting brake from the last Napoleonic unit and my current main project so I painted up these fellows for my Tribal African project. Some rather speedpainted miniatures and the white on their clothes didn´t turn out as I first had planned but it will have to do. Its not a speedpaint if you have to go back and fix some things or redo them.

The Beja swordsmen are from Perrys excellent plastic box and as I have miniatures still on the sprue from that box I thought they could be that little brake I needed. To paint something different, and what’s not to like about these “Fuzzu wuzzies” and their distinct hairstyle.