Monday, 22 October 2012

Varangian guards

Varangian guards, Varänger gardet, Väringar, Varjager.
Pimped up Vikings that is. The Varangians were Viking mercenaries taking a sold in Miklagård.
And this is what Wikipedia says

I intend to game with them as Vikings that returning home with all their fancy clothes and expensive weaponry.  This gave me the opportunity to use much brighter color palate then used previously in this project.

Please take a closer look at some of the axes with silver/bronze or golden inlaid. 
Inspired from pieces like this.

These nice miniatures are from Gripping Beast.

Friday, 19 October 2012

FIW - British Colonials

French and Indian wars.
British Colonial troops and Militia.

Last weekend I played Empire total war, first time in ages it felt like. And that was all it took to inspire me to finish of some half painted French and Indian war miniatures.
At this scale miniatures are fast to paint, and that cant be bad.
Miniatures are from Blue Moon.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dropzone Commander paper building

Some friends at the gaming club have just started to test out Dropzone Commander from Hawk wargames.

The little I’ve seen of it so far is promising. Look like some interesting gameplay.
I have just ordered an army but in the meantime I thought I could build some terrain. And as this game is in 10mm it mean terrain building will be both quick and easy.

 These are paper building that you can freely download from their site.

I printed them on regular paper and glued them on thicker paper that I had at home laying around since my art classes in school. The joints are reinforced from the inside with masking tape to better survive the gaming club…
And some comparison pictures with some 28 and 15mm miniatures. As you see they are clearly too small for other scales.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

African huts

I thougt that it wasn´t enough huts at the gaming club so I needed to construct some.
Now my small African tribes have somewhere to live and a place to defend against another tribe.

The huts are made by gluing the sides of an ikea box that was falling apart on an paper tube and then sawing it into convenient sizes.

The roof is made by making paper cones that I clad in an old towel. 
A mixture of glue and water was applied before I painted the roof. The presumably opening on the hut is concealed by a piece of cloth painted with some patterns.