Saturday, 19 August 2023

Samaritan battlefield medical vehicle


I have now painted my Samaritan battlefield medical vehicle. An armoured ambulance.

For work in progress pictures of the unpainted vehicle look at the previous post:

A large flag is attached on the radiomast.

As all the weapons are either magnetised or pinned I can change it around or as seen here, removed and replaced with optics. The unarmed version is meant to be used as objective in special scenarios.

But what really makes this model pop is the medicae servitor that takes care of the wounded...
Way to much time was spent to make this construction work but I love how it turned out.

Some picture from the inside of medical beds and observation monitors.

Fully extended it gives the medicae servitor a long reach.

Here we can see the Samaritan with some of the field medics attached to the regular squads.
The combination of the medics with the Samaritan will ensure that a long siege would be possible and less costly so the numbers game will ever be in the favour of the Imperial forces...

More pictures of the field medics can be found here:

And at the end of the day you can pack it all up and the poor medicae servitor can get some rest at one of the beds...

Sunday, 13 August 2023

40k Megabattle, Imperium vs Necrons with mercenaries

We had a mega battle of 10th edition of Warhammer 40k.

The main protagonists in the game would be the Imperial Guard assisted by the Deathwatch Astartes under the Order Xenos versus Necron with Chaos marines mercenaries.

There were about 6000 points on each side I think.

The game was set up as two old scenarios from I think 3rd edition on two tables played at the same time.
On each table one of the sides had more points and it was the objective of each force to try to beat the smaller one to support their allies on the other table.

The main objective was a city with its larger buildings but with some smaller secondary objectives in some important terrain features.

The Imperial forces on the dessert table that would be attacking from the short table edge were giving a turn to act before the whole xenos army would act with its full force.
I think this worked out really good. In other megabattles the side with the first turn had a really strong advantage and I think this somewhat balancing this out and I think we should use this idea of giving half of one sides the first turn.

This was a really nice game and I had lots of fun.
I think to the next megabattle I will try to tailor my list a bit more to the scenario and not just units I want to try out.
In this game my force was not fast enough to effect the city table enough. So next time some Basilisks, a air plane or some deep striking or outflanking units. Units with larger reach. But with this said I had lots of fun with my armoured company and to try out the Machariuses in this edition. The standard Macharius didn't do to much but I had better luck with the Macharius Vulcan with its gatling cannons supported by an Trojan feeding it extra ammo and a Tank Commander ordering to best effect and also an Leman Russ Exterminator marking targets with tracer rounds. Granted thats lots of units and points to get the maximum effect out of the Macharius Vulcan but its a lot of dakka to use...

The defenders of the city made a valiant defence as armoured forces tried to push to its help.
The Deathwatch had deepstriking abilities to transport its forces to the city table. 

In the end I think it was a small Imperial victory.
We held the city but the xenos was inside of it also.