Friday, 5 March 2021

Ayyubid Heavy Cavalry Mamluks with bows


Here we have the latest unit for my Saracen force. A unit of heavy cavalry archers. The miniatures are Gripping Beast plastic cavalry with a Perry miniature cavalryman, one horse and the banner bearer are Gripping Beast metal.

A fun unit to paint.

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Seljuk Turk Askari Heavy Cavalry

 Seljuk Turk Askari Heavy Cavalry armed with lances and bows.

Here we have my latest unit. A unit of Seljuk Turk Askari heavy cavalry equipped with lances and bows.

The miniatures are a real mixture. But they are mostly Gripping Beast plastic heavy arabic cavalry but with bits from all over the place. Amongst many there are bits from Fireforge Knights, their Russians and some bits from their Mongol line.

I experimented with some chainmail armour in some of the horses. 

All in all it create a really unique unit.

And some more pictures taken inside, its always hard to get good light indoors I think and the pictures never get as good as real sunlight.