Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Legio Fureans Warhound Titans

While I have a small Questoris Knight House to Adeptus Titanicus I thought I should get a proper Titan Legio as the game is after all called Adeptus Titanicus...

My choice fell on the Legio Fureans, The Tiger Eyes.

I really like their colour scheme and the were deployed in the First battle of Paramar alongside the Alpha Legion that I play in 30k, Horus Heresy.

And here we have some different pictures of the beasts, they didnt turn out as good as I wanted. The light hit the miniatures a little strange I think.

All the weapons have been magnetised so I can swap around.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Alpha Legion Breachers



I think that the breacher unit is a really cool unit and I wanted to try out painting a unit in dark grey, almost black armour. All that is missing is a Swat sign...

I went with a thunderhammer on the sergeant because of rule of cool...
And I wanted the unit to have lascutters for cutting up bulkhead doors in the way... But mostly because its a cool weapon..

So here we have my new breacher squad... with lascutters... So we all know these will be terrible on the gaming table... But no matter, they look cool.


And here are some pictures taken with UV lights, again just because its cool... You might have started to see a theme here by know...