Saturday 24 February 2024

Alpha Legion officers, de-nurglified 40k miniatures



I felt I needed some new officers for my Alpha Legion.

In the first edition of the Horus Heresy the powerfist-powerdagger combo felt like a nobrainer for the Alpha Legion, but in this edition other options are now interesting.
So I needed some different options.

I got these 40k Nurgle marines from a member of our gaming club, I have carved out all the obviously nurgley parts and gave them some new bits from the bits box and they will now serve as Alpha Legion officers in my Horus Heresy force.

As the Nurgle marines had mkIII armour this is with some additional work perfect.


Friday 16 February 2024

Goliath Truck

Here we have the next units for my desert militia project.
Two armed trucks carrying supplies or troops for my force.

I love this model with all the extra gear I gave them. With all the chippings, weathering and the red desert dust they turned out great.

And together with the technical In the previous post I now got this small mobile force.


Monday 12 February 2024

Desert buggy, Achilles Ridgerunner


I have painted a buggy from the Tyranid Cultist line in 40k. I wanted to use it a militia kind of force but mostly I i got it just for the painting of it.
Its a neat model that I really like.
I didnt like the twin heavy stubber that was mounted on the hull so I exchanged it for a pintle mounted variant built from the base of a twin bolter and the barrels from the original heavy stubbers. I like this look far more.

I painted it to fit into a sort of red "marsian" type of dessert theme, with its camouflage and the red road dust.

In 40k I could use it in a force of desert militias using the Tyranid Cultis rules but skipping all the tyranid bits. Its just a smaller side projects so it doesnt need to be tournament competitive good.

In 30k I wants to build a smaller militia list, I havnt found any good rules for it yet. Its to big or rather to well armoured and looks to fast to represent a sentinel. Its to small for a Rhino equivalent type of vehicle and the 8wheeler in the fast attack slot feels also wrong.

But its a fun model and I like the end result.

I painted some other bits for the vehicle if I wanted to change out the equipment on the buggy