Monday, 17 January 2022

Armed convics


Yet again I have painted some of Wargames Atlantics "Cannon fodder", same as the previous hazmat guys.

But this time I painted them as armed convicts, still carrying their orange jumpsuits and with discipline collars.
I still dont like the models or the kit but I must admit that at least they start to grow on me.

At least I thought it was fun to paint these or the previous hazmat suited guys.

Sunday, 2 January 2022

Hazmat suits

I bought a box of Wargames Atlantic minatures mostly for fun. Tossing them in ass npc:s or something in special scenarios but mostly just for the excuse just to build or paint something different.
The miniatures were 30 in a box, no bases but with lots of head options. Im really not inpressed by the miniatures, way to stiff boring poses. But I liked all the heads. With paint on them they look decent enought and they were rather fun to paint and that was what was most important.

Here are the first five built and painted as a hazmat suit.

Thursday, 30 December 2021



Ive painted UR-025 from Blackstone Fortress, the campaign boardgame from GW set in the 40k universe. I bought it of some dude that har bought the box and split the content and sold it seperatly. 

Its hinted at UR-025 is not an Imperial robot but rather a survivor from the men of Iron era long ago.

I liked the miniature and thought it would be fun to paint something different. Colourwise I went for something alittle retro scifi. I wanted something like 60s-70th ish scifi.

The miniature might be used as sometkind of bodyguard in an imperial HQ squad or something like an npc in special scenarios.
But I bought it mostly for just to paint him.

Sunday, 19 December 2021

Solar Auxilia Household Retinue Veletaris Storm Section with power axes


Yeah thats a long name for a unit...
I just added a dedicated unit representing a Household Retinue of Veletaris Storm Section with power axes to my Solar Auxilia.

These Veletaris is converted to look extra fancy to especially represent a Household Retinue unit.

Ive added the top parts from Napolenic helmets, French cuirassiers from plastic Perry miniatures.

They were given new fancy halberds by adding the top parts from plastic halberds from Fireforge Games to their regular power axes.

The sergeant or rather the Prime which is the correct title as well as one of his men are given new heads. As my Solar Auxilia is eastern-Europe themed I found some really nice looking cossack heads that would be perfect for my project.

And I added a pelt over one of the arms in greenstuff.

Im really happy how they turned out converting wise. They look really unique.

For painting I wanted to have a down to earth muted colours but still have some bling.
So muted, "boring" colours but with some metallics and some fancy helmets and nice weapons.
I wanted the power axes to really shine and tested a new technique, instead of my more regular enhanced nmm I went for a more electric edge idea. I didnt totally nail it but could be interesting to experiment further with this idea.

For the pelt I first thought about painting it like a leopardskin but my friend Johan told me to paint it like a stoat fur.
And I glad he mentioned it as I dont think Ive ever seen it on a miniature before.

Yeah this dude might not be totally sane but he looks like he can chop up some traitors atleast...

The Prime in all his glory, nice haircut, powerfist and a volkite

Thursday, 9 December 2021

Horus HÖÖResy event

A couple of weeks ago we had a small Horus Heresy event in Höör in southern Sweden.

So it was an early morning and when we arrived in Skåne we saw the first snow for the winter.

The event was a 1500pts Centurion event and I would be fielding my "White Scars"
Undercover Alpha Legion troops in White Scars colours.
Somehow I had forgotten my two Land Speeders at home so I had to borrow some troops and rearrange some points to fit them in.
As I would be playing on the loyalist side the borrowed troops could fittingly have Imperial Fist colours.

The Event was heald in Höör in Skåne by our Dirty K gaming group, it was a small 1500pts Centurion event during two days, 3 matches on the Saturday and 2 during the Sunday. It was a really nice laid back event and it was really fun to again be able to toss some dice, moving miniatures around and meet old and new people.

"White Scars" troops attack World Eater troops from the rear.

Seekers raise their guns, taking aim...

Veterans guided by a Vigilator close in.

And after a bloody fight they are victorious.

Attacking the dreadnought with meltabombs.

Militia forces desperately tries to hold the temple.

A unit of Death Guards had activated a temple but got caught in the warpstorms ending up on a different table.

"White Scars" close in on the Thousand Sons.

Psykic shenanigans hinders my troops from charging into the fray.

A now unsupported unit of veterans charging the Secmets, trying to deal them as much damage as possible before the monsterius constructs can help out and retaliate. 

A desperate charge from my outriders, charging into a unit of veterans supported by a biomancy enhanced hq. I didnt have hight hopes here but at the same time I had to do something.

Swamp monsters starts to appear.

Militia forces drags down a Sons of Horus consul, a small success for the little guys.

Seekers trying to pick out some enemy Night Lords

A veteran unit supported by a scout armoured Vigilator searching a ruins for intel.

Having somwhow just beaten of the Night Lords HQ and his squad resulting in half the Night Lords army fleeing the field, my veteran unit tries to seek shelter under the ruins.

Half of the enemy army having fled of the table.

A lone sergeant still lives after the jetbikes had unleashed its firepower.

White Scar forces moves in for the kill...

Swamp monsters protecting their turf...

Pictures from my double match. Two loyalist Alpha Legion vs two traitor World Eaters.

A rash move to close the ground and claiming objectives. The Alpha Legion and "White Scars" forces risking it all to claim as many objectives as possible in a combination of infiltrate, scout and moving as fast as possible.

"Imperial fist" Volkite troops, damn... these guys that I borrowed to compensate for the forgotten Land Speeders are nasty in Centurion. If not checked by the opponents would wreck havoc.
This is not a unit I can field with good conscious in the next Centurion event...

The event ended in a traitor victory.

All in all I had a blast, felt good to meet people again and play some games.