Friday, 23 September 2022

Alpha Legion Scout marines

With the new edition of Horus Heresy many of my Scout or Recon sergeants were not legal any more so I have painted a small group of scout marines to fill up the numbers.

The miniatures are built mostly with bits from the miniatures from that transport land speeder that I dont know or care whats its called.

I went for a grey colour scheme with camouflage textiles in somewhat multi cam inspired pattern.

Saturday, 17 September 2022

Turnip 28 - A unit of Hussars


I have finished a small unit of hussars for my Turnip 28 collection, in the game they are known as whelps, light cavalry.

Its hard to beat the dashing look of an hussar uniform and I just needed to included a rot-ified version in my force.
Their mounts are almost all taken over by the rot, some creatures that historically would have been known as horses.

So please explore further in the wonderful world that is Turnip 28

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Battle on Tarsis Upsilon, One Page AAR with 40k miniatures

On the planet of Tarsis Upsilon in the Ultima Segmentum the forces of the Imperium clashed with the Hive fleets of the Tyranids.
Death Korps of Kreig forces from the 424th Expeditional force had been tasked with engaging the xenos monsters.
Marshal Bastien Phillipe had an infantry heavy force with lots of supporting weaponry that were untested but eager to prove their worth.

The planet of Tarsis Upsilon had seen it fair share of the conflict with the Tyranids in the past. It was now seen as a desert planet but with small clusters of civilizations and agricultural hubs near springs of fresh waters or oases. 
Sparse information of history recollects that the planet had been a fertile agriworld a long time ago.

Erik and I had a game of One Page Grimdark Future using our Warhammer 40k miniatures.

One Page - Grimdark Future i a simple set of rules but it get the job done.
Erik and I are of the same opinion here, it gives us enough gaming experience but is far simpler then keeping up to date with all the editions suplement books and faq:s of Warhammer 40k. 

The miniatures still feels right, you can look at them and the rules seems to match the miniatures or what you expect of them.

At first glance some things seems a little awkward but it evens out in the end and facts that hitting and wounding the opponents is simplified into one roll instead of lots of dices makes the game so much quicker.
Its not a perfect game but it is fun, simple and is more then good enough to enjoy.

So for anyone interested I can highly recommend it.

Taking up firepositions and not sure what to expect, knowing the enemy is close by.*

Xenos, using the cover of the the dark shadows springs and ambush.

Fast pacing aliens have found a hole in the lines and are attacking the automatic cannon teams.

Death Korps advances with their guns blazing away, the xenos are gunned down in numbers...

A monster emerges from underneath, things does not look to good on the right flank.

The artillery cannon is roaring in defiance...

The sergeants takes no steps back and intend to hold the rocky ground even though his hole squad was killed by the monsters.

The xenos monsters are attacking the back fields and the center looks bleak.
The Death Korps could not stop the alien menace this time and it ended in an victory for the Tyranids.

It was really fun to dust of my old Death Korps of Krieg even thou I dont keep up with the current Warhamer 40k rules, editions, suplements and such.
One Page is sure a set of rules that I can se myself gaming more of in the future.

Thursday, 1 September 2022

Work in progress - Imperial Guard Leman Russ Assault transport


I have for a really long time wanted to modify a Leman Russ chassis to a troop transport variant.
Initially I looked at the ww2 Sherman Ram Kangaroo for inspiration and played with the idea.

Later I looked at the more modern Israeli variants of modified tanks.

Then I toyed with the idea of implementing these on the Leman Russ chassis, lots of lots of sketches and lots of pieces of papercards and plasticards to build different mock up variants.

I later ended up looking much at the Solar Auxilia artillery vehicle that is based on a Leman Russ chassis for the last inspiration.

 And lots and lots of different bits.

As I didnt have near enought of the wanted bits I made a rather large number of Greenstuff pressmoulds of bits from other vehicles and such using instantmould/bluestuff.

So what we are looking at here is a pair of vehicles that have taken a really long time to get them where they are now but its been a fun ride.
Lots of bits, plasticards and 2hand Russes ended up as these monsters...

All the weapons are either magnetised or pinned with metal rods so I can swap around.

Statwise I intend them to have basic Leman Russ stats and options, but giving them the abuility to have two pintle mounted weapons, skipping the main turret and giving them the Transport rules. For the actual transport capacity I'm unsure but it looks like a rather large vehicle with that added transport area at the back as well as the basic Leman Russ hull so at least Transport 10, maybe as transport as a Chimera for simplicity.

Saturday, 13 August 2022

Kievan Russ


I have painted a large unit of Kievan Russ Vikings. As a Swede I think its mutch more interesting to look to the east and what the Vikings did there instead of the more `common´ knowledge on the Vikings that are more Anglocentric.
So here we have another unit of Kievan Russ Vikings.
The miniatures are mostly plastic Victrix and I said it before and I say it again, these are some of in not the best plastic kit Ive ever bought.
To get even more variation I have mixed in some metal miniatures, mostly from Drabant Miniatures or Gripping Beast.
I wanted a unit of Norsemen with some Slavic touches to represent the unique Kievan Russ.

Painting wise I wanted them dirty and gritty but still with lots of nice colours. 

Slava Ukraini