Sunday, 21 May 2023

Turnip 28 - Observation Balloon


A pair of elderly spinsters blown off course. They are followed by a cavalcade of adoring worshippers and wouldbe sightseers. Dropping bricks and cutting remarks, they plummet into adventure and the unknown.

A roadsign pointing at a café the balloon crew is heading to.
Flying over the swampy and uneven terrain unharmed.

A soldier of a opposing regiment stand under the passing of the balloon and got a close view of a stone from big height...

The flags hanging from one of the ropes are signalling flags for ships.
- You are standing in danger.
- Keep clear of me, I am manoeuvring with difficulty.
- Carrying dangerous/ explosive cargo.

The old drunkards in the balloon...
I painted them with red noses and faces, the conjak drinking is taking its toll...


Monday, 17 April 2023

Turnip 28 AAR


We had a day of playing some Turnip28 games.
We started this project some time ago but havnt manage to get a game in yet. But for the day we had some painted miniatures and we had almost read the rules...
Just to test out what we had gotten us self into.

We played with one Toff each and two units with two players on each side.

The monster closest in this picture would rulewise count as a unit of Brutes with close combat weapons.
With a wound marker marking the actual "models" in the unit. Its a simple way to have a larger monster but still use the standard rules, it worked out great.

The Knight of Snailwood charges in...

Black powder smokes, marks that a unit has shot this turn and cant shoot further this turn.

The monster is charged by the Snailknight.

The monster panicked and retreated past my fodder unit with black powder weapons.

After it had past them I ordered the unit to volley fire the monster to smithereens..

Game two, we felt we had gotten a grip of the basics rules after the first game and after som alterations on the terrain and lists we where at it again.

The Stump guns starts to shoot...

After a forced march I had managed to capture the defensible hill with the important well. My fodder unit starts to fire at its enemy,

Having a Toff of, a duel... This time my commander was cut down.

So after the two games of Turnip 28 I can just say that this seems like this could be a really really fun project to dive even deeper into.
The world is just wonderful with all the miniatures options, the world to explore with terrain projects and such.
The game is somewhat swingy at least at this small number of units we played but it really doesn't matter, it just makes some scary monsters manageable. As long as a player does take a somewhat balanced armylist this is no problem and I think that the scenarios and special cults that you can take balances out any to powerful army lists. 

All in all we really liked it and it sounded like all the players got inspired by this nice game.

Here under is some more pictures not taken by me from the day.