Sunday, 11 November 2018

Riddare från Sverkerätten

I thought it would be only fitting to include some opposition to the Erikar knights I painted previously.
So here we have some Knights from the House of Sverker.

The information about heraldry and colours is even less known about any one associated with one of Sverkers men.
But to be fair, uniforms and heraldry was not in place in those times as we know it today. This makes my knights here wrong on many levels but I couldnt resist painting some up in more or less same colours.

What we have in the way of symbols is mostly seals, small fragments and some drawings of coins and such. But for a armchair history interested person as me this will do.

The "House of Sverker" got its name in more modern time and was not known by that name by contemporary sources.
The founding father of the house was Sverker I of Sweden and from him is the name taken. He was king of Sweden from about 1132 until his assassination in 1156.

For these knights I went with a Lindworm or Wyvern with lots of red/blue/white.

The Lindworm in a star is known from heraldric symbol of Helena Sverkersdotter the daughter of Sverker the Younger (also known as Sverker II of Sweden)

She was married to Sune Folkesson and I think that the symbol above is their combined arm.
Sune Folkessons father was Folke Jarl Birgersson (died at the Battle of Gistilren)
(As a side note I have previously painted up some infantry belonging to Folke Jarl Birgersson )

Folke Jarls heraldric arms is a red star on a white background.

This makes me think that the red star comes from Folke Jarl Birgersson and the lindworm comes from the her father Sverker the Younger.

But I went with a lindworm on a red cross with white trimming against a blue background for the House of Sverker. Even through I think It is wrong.

But Im no real historian so all of this could be completely wrong.
All I know is that this is at least a lot better then how they presented the House of Sverker in the movie about the fictional character Arn that takes place at this time in history... :P
And real history is much more interesting then the fictional movie and book, a lot more complicated with marriages and who is friend with who and so on...

And for the those Swedish speaking, here is a podcast episode from Historie podden about Erikar and Sverkrar.

And while am at it, here under is some pictures for shield designs that I used for inspiration.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Riddare från Eriksätten

I thought that I should so something else a little. And why not some knights from the Swedish house of Erik.

Breathing some new life in my old Medieval Sweden project.
House of Erik is one of the feuding families in the movie Arn that some of you might have seen.
The historical info of this is somewhat lacking but I went with blue and white and white lions as main colours.

The miniatures are from Conquest Games, from their relative new plastic knights.

They are perfect for a sort of earlier medieval that Im after in this project.
The miniatures are surprisingly good and are a curtain lift from their earliest miniatures. The only thing I felt I was missing was some extra swords to attach on the knights.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Avarii XI, part 5 Horus Heresy 30k

This is the fifth and last report from Avarii XI, an Horus Heresy event in Malmö, Sweden.

I would be pitted against an Mechanicum army. This was also an Loyalist army and had taken in Custodes support from the "reinforcement table". So I would be fighting uphill.

So I guess I had filled in the wrong paperwork for something and fought to be a traitor. Or maybe it was just so simple that it was all just a case of friendly fire, a blue on blue accident.
In the turmoil time of the heresy this must have been a common sight.

The enemy Mechanicum army would be assisted by a Custodes Shieldcaptain and two units of Custodes...

An unit of tech-tralls feels the wrath of the Medusas... The plan was to take out the troop choices and leave me greater room for manoeuvre.

Troopmaster Natalia Kolochev holds the centre with an AA quad gun and a Dracosan with a Veletaris squad inside for close support.

Sergeant Seraphim Uvarovs troops starts to move up against the enemy supported by three Thallaxes on my own and my Malcador Infernus on its flank.

Enemy battle robots skulks the ruined city...
These were some of all the big robots that really scared me, Im guessing they could shred my troops in seconds.
This forced me to have take a slower advance then I really would have liked.

Excellent paintjob on this huge robot.

Enemy Custodes tries to deepstrike behind my lines... Scatters of the table and are back in his reserve.

Another squad of Custodes tries to deepstrike behind my lines... but scatters of the table.

A unit of enemy Thallaxes tries to deepstrike behind my lines.... and you guessed it... scatters of the table.

First rank fire, second rank fire... Sergeant Seraphim Uvarovs prepairs to face a unit of tech-tralls and those big insectoid robots.

Unfortunately that massed formation is not a good idea if the enemy shells your troops with barrage... 
 You can almost here the laughter from the huge robot...

A lone tech-thrall was all that was left after my Veletaris had dismounted to clean up enemy infantry. Unfortunately, leaving the safety of their transport had left them open for enemy retaliation... and they were all taken out...
The lone fearless tech-thrall could stroll along unopposed.

Enemy HQ with two close combat kitted Castellaxes bodyguard had taken out my Magos Biologus (Engineseer) and his squad of servo-automatas that had ventured far to close to the front in the search for rare or valuable objects for my trade company.
As this was the last game in the event I wanted to try out a little thing...
Lord Marshal Alexandre gave the order to Troopmaster Natalia Kolochev and her squad to leave the protection and ready grenades...
It was time to see if you can take out an Mechanicum lord and his bodyguards with mere mortals...
I tried to soften them up and instead of rushing his lines (that probobly would have been smarter purely tactically) I held the Dracosan and other big guns back and fired allmost all that I got at them.
This did little to damage them so it was time for the humans to try to tackle this problem up close and personal...

My Marshal was not able to inflict a single wound on the massive enemy HQ and troops was seen cut down in droves by his bodyguards...
I lost the combat and rolled an 11 on the leadership roll... this in the combination with the combat result was far more then my leadership value and my troops was forced to retreat.
His robots had initiative of 4 and this was far to quick for my troops and they were all slaughtered as they tried to run for their lives...
Yeah... I will admit, this might not have been the best idea... I know that now but I will have to try it again... maybe I can pull it through next time...

I had inflicted some serous damage on the enemy but I could do little to stop his centre from totally smashing my centre and now the deepstriking Custodes and the Thallaxes started to harass my back lines...
My own pushes had been almost annihilated as soon as I had reached the centre line, there is just so much squishy humans can do.

 It was a loss for the Solar Auxilia but it was a real fun game

Here are some pictures from other players games.

It ended in a small victory for the Loyalist forces, something like 23-21.
Overall it was a great event with lots of fun games and really nice guys with great looking armies.

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