Sunday, 6 June 2021

White Scars Sicaran Punisher Assault tank

I just love the Sicaran tanks in all it variants. 
The Punisher variant is not one Ive ever seen so I wanted one for my "White Scars". A agile tank that put out a lot of hurt... Could be perfect for my collection.

Ive added some extra stowage and bits to make really fit into my weathered on campaign look In after with my "White Scars".  

I like the look of the turquise verdigris effect I added on the shield plate on the side and its something I plan to continue with in the future.

And here with her sister wagon...

I must admit that the strange sci-fi colours pickings of white and red works suprisingly good even with lots of markings and bare metals and such.


Monday, 31 May 2021

Saracen Medium Spearmen


I just finished another unit of medium spearmen for my Saracen collection.

The miniatures are a mixture of Perry metals and Gripping Beast metal and plastics.
The banner is just printed paper that I painted the edges and some areas on the banner (to make it better blend in with the paint of the miniatures).

Monday, 17 May 2021

Old School Land Raiders

Im really happy about these Land Raider Proteuses.

These have served in my friend Kristoffers Ork army in many years. 

I have put in lots of work to de-orkify them to the Imperial side again.
There were in a pretty bad shape but with lots of bits, plasticard and greenstuff they are again battle ready.

They are painted in metalic blue/green with purple colours in the shadings.
I painted white markings and details and added some transfers.

I wanted them to look as they have been in the fields for some times so the metallic tracks are painted to look really worn and the overall tanks are painted rather muddy around the tracks but I still wanted to keep the blue/green rather clean to make it really pop.


Refitted with newer plastic Land Raider engine blocks.


And just for the rule of cool... Two unit of Breachers in their dedicated transport Land Raider Proteuses.

For some work in progress pictures from when I built them: