Friday, 24 April 2020

"White Scars" army pictures

Ever since I first saw the Alpha Legion infiltrator in White Scars colours from Book Eight Malevolence I really wanted to get a small force of these.
So with the excuse of not starting "another project" as technically these belongs to my regular Alpha Legion force... I could start up a White Scars army...

You have already seen all of these miniatures previously but I just love some army pictures as I really think that the sum of them all is larger then each components.

Here are how the force looked at the 1000pts mark:   

So if you excuse me, here they are again... Click on the images to get a better look.

This will translate to a force around 1660pts but I think I could even it out to almost 1700 with some extra upgrades.

Monday, 20 April 2020

"White Scars" Outriders, Legion Apotecary and Legion Champion

I wanted to add a faster mobile element to my "White Scars"... So I painted up a unit of Outriders, an Apothecary and a Legion Champion for my under cover Alpha Legionnaires.

I have used the Warhammer 40k Chaos bikes as the base as I wanted a more rugged, barbarian feel to them, borrowing on the whole Attila the Hun feel of White Scars. The mk3 armour are perfect for a more brutal and savage feel that I wanted.
And as these are all troops on a long mission, long behind enemy lines or long from friendly supplies I have given them all extra stowage on the back on the bikes...


Besides the Outriders I also converted and painted a Apothecary on bike with an power sword.
And a Legion Champion, the exotic spear will represent an Paragon blade rulewise. I also gave him an combat shield because it looks cool.

And with the previusly showed Sicaran Battletank here is the addition to my Alpha Legion force masquerading as White Scars...
Link for the previous 1000pts:

And because its fun... some really crappy pictures (sorry) showing some of the reflections from the florescent colours used on powerweapons, lenses and the display on the bikes.

Friday, 17 April 2020

"White Scars" Legion Sicaran Battle Tank

I wanted to add some firepower to my White Scars impersonating Alpha Legionnaires...

For pictures of the previous painted collection look here:

I have added some extra stowage and painted a rather chipped and weathered tank to represent a tank being used in the field for some time.

The lenses have been painted with florescent colours from Valejjo

And here under is some late night pictures I took while working on the mud.