Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Death Korps of Krieg, Atlas recovery vehicle - work in progress

I bought some toys at the local market square this weekend. One for the son and one for me...
My idea is to build a new Atlas recovery vehicle for my Death Korps of Krieg.
Here follows some pictures of use placing the top part of an excavator on a second hand Leman Russ I had laying around.

The initial idea was to mount the excavator bucket and the hydralic arm mounted on the hull in the place where the heavy bolter usually is mounted and have the heavy bolter as a pintle mounted gun. But I see now that the whole top part of the excavator fits nicely ontop of an Leman Russ hull as it is.
I am still undecided.
If I add some armoured reinforcements to the excavator house it could work.

Here are a quick mock-up:

I have thought about making a Atlas conversion like this for a long time. One of the main inspirations were from when the military engineers had a display some years ago.

This Excavator arm is atached in front of the main hull and this could be a nice way of doing it. And with a bulldozer blade in front of that.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Work in progress - Militias 30k, Bionic desert raiders

I started another (yes yes I know another...) side projekt.
And this one is even more stupid then all the rest...

A friend and I have talked about a small militia side project for Horus Heresy, 30k.
We decided to build small militia forces for some hot milita on militia action...

Besides costing way to much for an side project it is really time consuming with all the conversion that it will take to create the miniature in my mind.

The theme for the army will be a sort of Sci-fi Tuareg force with lots of bionic parts, scavenging for supplies and recourses.

Sentinels will be used as a sort of robotic camels, ladden down with supplies.

The army will have a heavy influence of Engineseers with Servo automatas to help with the scavenging and identifying of bionic/robotic parts and supplies.

There are still lots of work with greenstuff left to work with but I feel that I have come so far that I dare to show of some of the work in progress pictures atleast.
Painting wise Im tinking about dark indigo blue turbans, maybe purple.
The dresses might have a grey colour or maybe sand yellow colour or it will be the same colours as the turbans.
The metalic parts, the bionic arms and so on will be iron metalics.
And Im thinking on including lots of brooches and its like in gold.

For the bases I wanted a dusted, sand themed desert base.
Maybe even experiment with a red iron-rust desert theme. That could be a nice contrast colour and its nothing I have ever experimented with.




The miniatures are a combination of GW Mechanicum troops and Elysians, Frostgrave Cultist, and turban heads from Puppetwars.
I will need to find more bionic parts and need to work with more greenstuff.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Scimitar oryx

Here we have some new African Scimitar horned Oryxes.

The miniatures are the same as the previous post on the Gemsbok but I bent the horns a litle and painted them differently.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

30k, Alpha Legion wip

I had some late night gluing some new Alpha Legions together.

Here we have 10 basic bolterpigs and an Alpha Legion Sabatoure...

The cammo is just teared cloth. I gave him a silencer out of a small plastic tube.
His left arm is from an standard tank commander from an Rhino that I cut up. It is meant to represent the Saboteur ready to detonate the explosions...

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


My African hunter-gatherers will need some animals to hunt...

I painted up these Oryx/Gemsboks as I just love the look of them. They are so beautiful.
The miniatures are from Northstar

I now noticed that I had missed to paint the edges of the miniatures, this will have to be fixed.

The will join my older Oryx painted some time ago.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

African hunter-gathers and Paleo Diet: eat or be eaten

I just got the rules of "Paleo Diet, eat or be eaten" from Ganesha Games
I havnt had time to test the rules out yet but flicking trough the pages it looks promising.
Its a prehistoric hunting game using spears, javelins, bows and in some cases fire...

I decided to set this game in Africa to try to reuse some of my "Tribal africa" miniatures.
And as I already have some animals painted up and some unpainted in the leadpile(leadmountain...) it is only good to shave of the top of unpainted miniatures....

But I wanted to have some dedicated prehistoric miniatures for this to so I used some plastic Perry Miniatures Sudanese tribesmen as a base for convertion and gave them bows from Conquest Games plastic Medieval archers as I wanted to have some small game hunters with bows and arrows.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Introducing my other, new blog: Nidavellir Shipyard

I have decided to create a new blog with my friend Filip. It is meant to be a dedicated blog to the game of Dropfleet Commander. So if you are interested in that game or in space in general I think you will like the new blog.

The old blog will continue as previously, but all Dropfleet Commander related material will be posted on the new blog instead.

 I named the blog Nidavellir Shipyard, Nidavellir is one of the names of the world of the Dwarves in old Norse mythology. I thought it would be fitting for a place were space ships are produced....

By having a dedicated blog I can collect links and bloglists, lists of companies, podcasts and other things that is in interest for that game or space in general in one place.
And by having my friend Filip contributing and having someone to discuss ideas with I hope that the blog will grow to a great place.
I have copied all my Dropfleet material from here to get all my Dropfleet content in one place and we have started to produce a lot of new material also.

So please check by and look what we have created or direct any friend there that have an interest in Dropfleet Commander or space combat in general.
Any ideas to further develop the blog is appreciated.

I hope to see some of you there.
Thanks/ Jonas Eng