Monday, 30 April 2018

Pre-Ajax Event

Yesterday we had a small Pre-Ajax event.
It was a small event to test out units, combinations and to test out missions and special cards for the organiser.

The Ajax event is a Warhammer 30k, Horus Heresy event that will focus on the narrative.
Dates: 7-8 July 2018 (warm-up from the 6th)
Location: Hotell Rådmannen, Alvesta, Sweden

For more info about Ajax:

As this was a test of units, lists for an event this summer, you will unfortunately see unpainted miniatures. 
(click on the pictures for larger pictures.)

Testing out a Superheavy Siege tank... speedpainted for this day.
I stole my Death Korps of Krieg one and started to repaint it in my Solar Auxilia scheme instead.
Think ISU-152, Battle of Berlin...

My Malcador Infernus suffers a catastrophic explosion...

Wuubb wuubbing and then kraken grenading some Whirldwinds...

This Solar Auxilia Troopmaster managed to insert a meltabomb under the toenails of an Warhound Titan bringing it down to a mere three hullpoints..
The Iron Hands brings my Remembrance down to its last wound, but it survived...
It was a special character for this mission.

Two on Two battle.
My Solar Auxilia had joined forces with Emperors Children attacking a Mechanicum force that were trying to hold the centre until its Iron Hands allies arrive.

I didnt manage to take down the last hullpoint on the Knight, and it charges...
My superheavy siege tank manages to survive with one hullpoints remaining...

My Solar Auxilia Lord Marshal tries to stop the Mechanicum hq and stabilize our deployment zone...
He did nothing with his Mastercrafted Paragonblade and the robotic enemy stroked back... Resulting in just three wounds, I can make this...
But alas... paying expensive points for an artificer armour, Iron halo and a servoscull for an 2+/3++ save does nothing against Ap2 and when you roll three ones on the save... And here he finished his day....

In the end it was a small victory for the traitors in this game.

Overall it was a really nice day, special thanks to Erik for hosting this small event and to Henrik for fixing us this nice place to be and for the icecream and chocolate cake service...

And I now know that giving a Lightning full Autocannon equipment is not the greatest idea... Not the most point efficient way to field it...
You had right internet... Curse you...

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Sertoria Comitus, Chapter 2 Game 1, The bridge at Hippo Diarrhytus

We have opened up another chapter in our Sertoria Comitus campaign.

- The Battle for Portus Lemanis -
The bridge at Hippo Diarrhytus

Portus Lemanis is a large city that had been in constant warfare since the Aeldari forces descended on the planet of Sertoria Comitus.
The Death Korps from the 317th Grand Armeé had bolstered the planetary defence forces but wanted a new route into the city to be able to move in heavier equipment.
The bridge at the suburbs of Hippo Diarrhytus was chosen as a good target for this.

We decided to start another chapter in our campaign. This chapter will be centered around the city of Portus Lemanis. A larger city on the continent of Hispellum.

The scenarios main objective would be the bridge and we would draw two secondary objectives at random.

Marshal .332 Zacharias Hechler would lead the Krieg forces with Field Officer .371 as his second in command.
Quartermaster .656 Reinhold Höss and his medical servitors would assist the force as heavy cassualties was expected.

The Marshal had a small unit of combat engineers to blow up any enemy fortifications or reinforced position.
An small unit of Grenadiers packed full with flamers would scout ahead in their Centaur to clear up a path for the regular infantry to move up in.
To keep the enemy heads down a unit of Heavy bolters, heavy machine guns was selected and a squad of mortars.
Bad line of sight was to be expected so a unit of Quadmortars was to further reinforce the assault and rain death onto the enemy.

Here is a small organisation chart of the Death Korps forces.
Commander and a 2iC
Elites in the form of a Quartermaster and Engineers.
Four Troops in the form of Grenadiers and regular Infantry
And finaly three heavy supports. (I didnt take any profile pictures of the mortars so in this chart the heavy bolters is shown twice instead.)

The plan was to have the heavy bolters clear the streets, mortars and quad mortars to pin down and clear up tightly packed enemy forces looking for protections in the ruins as the infantry clear out the last enemy forces.

The Imperal forces prepare to move out.
The main objective for the game was the bridge, secondary objectives for the Death Korps would be to take open road at the other side of the town square, called objective 6 and to destroy an enemy psyker thought to be operating in this area.

The support weapons were ready and the infantry eager to take the bridge.

Aeldari forces had taken position of two buidlings with their infantry and had some forces in reserves.

The Grenadiers in their Centaur moves forth scouting the area for enemy movement. Aeldari forces are seen in the building and the driver makes a quick decision to try to seek protection in the building in an atempt to escape the incomming enemy fire.

0.981 and 0.987 studies the local art...

The Aeldari forces shoots out the Centaur and the few survivors of the grenadiers takes shelter on the upper floor.
My Engineer squad storms forth and choose to use the none sanctioned Carcass ammunitions resulting in four casualies on my own as their shotguns exlodes in their faces... A lone Engineer, .172 survives and withness their carcass amunitions work on the enemy...

The Aeldari squad that had more or less destroyd my Centaur and Grenadiers were the retaliating end of the Quadmortars, mortars, Engineers carcass ammunition loaded shotguns, the lone Grenadiers heavy flamer but most inportently the masses of las shots from the lasrifles that inflicted the most casualties of all the weapons... And they were no more...

An enemy warwalker had made an flanking move and ambushed our forces. Opening up fire on the Quad mortars, leaving it with one wound left.

Aeldari guardians, and a storm squad and their witch of an leader advances...
The Warlock had tried to cast a haze on his troops to make them harder to hit but the forces of the warp are ficle and strong minds of the Death Korps of Krieg must had desturbed him and he was wounded for his witchcraft...

The Aeldari charges both my infantry squads but the Death Korps response with accureate defensive fire, taking the momentum out of them.
Using command points the Death Korps couterattacks and as they had trained extensive bayonet drills for months made short work of the xenos.
The Quartermaster tries to patch up the worst of the wounded and send them back into the fight.

The enemy commander, an psyker was left alone as his med was bayonetted down...

Quartermaster .656  Reinhold Höss

Engineer .172 taking cover in the ruins and adapting the charges of his demolishing charge. The cursed Xenos will pay....

Death Korps infantry moves over the bridge shooting at the Rangers in the building inflicting no damage, even when they were equiped with the mighty lasguns....

Heavy machineguns picking on any enemy movement that can be picked out...

With a flamer and bayonettes the xenos are engaged...

Quartermaster .656 Reinhold Höss with his medical servitors surround the psyker and give him "the Emperors blessing" with his laspistol.
Taking the last wound from the warlock, previus was self inflicted as that little emo-witch had played with the forces of the warp....

The last aeldari guardian was swarmed and cut to pieces...
Revenge for the bombardment of this suburb was taking form.

Engineer .172 had taken cover in the ruin. He readying the demolishing charge and stormed over the last street in front of the Aeldari snipers.
He hurled the massive bomb over the walls and just milliseconds after the explosion he charged the xenos with his "attack spade 90" placing it right between the eyes of one of the snipers. The last few xenos fleed in terror.The bridge was secured. 

With enemy forced from the bride it was a victory for the Death Korps of Krieg. The secured bridge will result in the Imperial forces beeing able to move in heavier equipment into the main fighting in the big city of Portus Lemanis.
Marshal .332 Zacharias Hechler reported in that the main objective secured and enemy psyker taken out, given the Emperors blessing by Quartermaster .656 Reinhold Höss.
The road callsign "objective 6" was cleared and Imperial forces was able to use the bridge and the road to move forces into the heavier fighting in the city.The true hero of the match were Engineer .172. As a lone survivor of the experimental Carcass ammunition opening salvo... he used the terrain to close in on the enemy, dodging enemy sniper fire. He prepared his demolishing charge, run across the street and hurled it into the building. As the massive charge exploded he readied his “attack spade 90” and charging the survivors, dodging defensive fire and cut down a xenos Ranger.This was unexpectedly to much for the Aeldari and a lone, bloody and tired Engineers had secured the building closest to the bridge. 

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