Friday, 24 February 2012


Its been a while since I painted any 15mm WW2 stuff. But now when Battlefront is releasing the third edition and a friend started to talk about earlywar I couldn´t help my selves.
I open up the drawer with half painted miniatures (its rather crowded…) and brought some Panzer II into the light.
Now their painted up in dessert cammo and markings are added. Their good to go.

An understrength platoon of Panzer IIC belonging to the Leichte Panzerzug of the Stab of the II. Abteilung in the 5th Panzer Regiment of the 21 Panzer Division in the German Afrika Korps.

Tanks from Battlefront and the crew from Skytrex.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Panzer Aufklärerläufer 1-A “Heinrich”

A new spring… The flowers are blooming and a new year with better air protection is at hand.

I give you the latest model in the German recon and anti air arsenal, the Panzer Aufklärerläufer 1-A “Heinrich” armed with a FlakVierling 2cm cannon.

I just thought I should test some new techniques and had a spare model to do it on. It turned out great. And it was lots of fun to paint.

The model is from Dust tactics

Friday, 17 February 2012

En hel tomtearmé

I finally got my hands on the small bases I wanted. That meant that I could base all my gnomes.
The miniatures I bought from
Excellent service, highly recommended.

You must all be wondering why the peacefully gnomish populations are taking to arms, the answer lays in the aggressiveness of the trolls.

I think its time to soon stop using that troll every time I post pictures.

Trolltyg i tomteskogen


For a long time I was not sure if it should develop into a Viking or a medieval project, but as almost all fantasy is medieval in its basic I went for the Viking variant. And this means that I can get all kind of creatures or legends of the Norse mythology into this.

And now I have finally painted up some Vikings to the project.
The miniatures are plastic Viking Hirdmen from Gripping Beast.
Good value for your money there.

The first test miniatures.

I tested a new style on the bases, I went with much more duller, less colorful bases so the miniatures can be brighter without being too bright. Im not totally happy with that but it will do. I think it’s a little wrong color on the grass.

Im happier with the “non metal, metal” on metal technique I tested on these miniatures.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Red box games

Tre, one of my all time favorite sculptor have made som big changes on his website and has now his own forum.

So to all you Red box games fans, do check it out.