Saturday, 23 April 2016

Defence force pictures

Today when I was walking past the town square here in Växjö I was quick to notice all the people and nice looking equipment and vehicles.
At the town square was a gathering of help and defense organizations and people. There were the police, fireforce, sea rescue and so on but most interesting for me was the military engineering vehicles . As I made my military service in an Enginering company those things got an special place in my hart. I was more into mining and destruction then these here that were more into fixing things up instead.

 These pictures could come in handy for future painting and converting references and though I should share these with you to.

 Notice the chains for snowy or muddy terrain.

 Military firetruck
I really liked this tractor

What a beast.. Enginering variant of an Leopard 2

 Rear end of the Sisu, referencses for stripes and warning colours. Notice the orange emergency light ontop of the vehicle.
 Paint chipping reference... ;)

That is a lot of muscle power...

More paintchipping reference...

Giving the lady back her handbag

Mines... in the sand behind they had mineclearing. The kids could test an metall detector and was later awarded and choclade gold coin upon suceeding.

Now about those Engineering vehicles... damn I must get me a couple of those for my Imperial Guards in 40k...

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Medieval Warfare binder

I thought I should treat myself and while I renewed my subscription of Medieval warfare I also bought an book binder.

It holds 12 copies, and the magazines can easily be read while still attached. I have some leftover magazine that didn't fit but as it is a bimonthly it will take some time before I can justifying to my self to buy another.
The whole bimonthly thing I first thought was a bad thing but I have come to realise that it almost take that much time to get enough free time to actually read the whole magazine.

A little lift from this.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Death Korps Grenadiers, Work in progress

Just a small update on my 500pts Escalation Campaign Death Korps.

These two units of Grenadiers will form my Troop choice in my Assault Brigade in my Clubs Escalation Campaign we are running. At the moment we are trying to get 500points painted. Every person is in on this on their own level, some just to get it to table top standard, some have starting to produce some real pieces of art. 
Im in on this campaign with the aim of getting my miniatures a little above TT standard but we will see how this goes, I keeps finding things to add all the time.

There are lots of work left for these Grenadiers with washes and shades, highlights and more detailing as painting the glass on their googles and so on. Maybe more work with their bases.

But I have now painted the bases of them all in a somewhat coherent brown colour, giving them all basic camouflage, white "skull" face protection, dark green unit recognition
colour (German ww2 markings for Panzergrenadiers) on one of their shoulder amour and on collar, rank markings on the Watchmaster shoulder and a white stripe on the back side of the helmet (American ww2 markings borrowed from the 29th Assault Brigade storming the Normandie).

So as you see, a lot of work and thoughts has been put into these miniatures. 

Lots of paintwork left to do but they are starting to form up.

I used bits from Perry Miniatures plastic Napoleonics for conversions as can be most easily be seen on one of the Watchmaster here, sabre in hand.

And on a special note, its hard to get good pictures with dark miniatures...