Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mongol Conquest - DBA IV/35

Mongol Conquest DBA IV/35

Now this is a lot of light horsemen…
This army could be really interesting to play. Im gueasing it will be a rather difficult army to play but if you roll a good pip dice you will own the battlefield.
The only option you got with the army composition with this army is to choose between a artillery piece or a Light horse.

Painting wise I thought brown… Brown primer and use that base color on as much I could. I added some other colors to create some irregularity mainly red and orange but wanted this army to look brown…
It was a rather quick army to paint up and I spent nowhere near the amount of time on it as the recently painted Kwarizmians but I am rather pleased with the end result none the less. 

Oh, and an army mainly composed of light horse means thats its not that many miniatures to paint wich is nice when you got tons of other miniatures in the lead mountain...

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Athenian test piece

I just painted this small 15mm Athenian for a future DBA army as a test piece. I had him and his lads for ages in the lead mountain.

This is just a small test piece as I havn´t painted Greeks before but I liked it so this should mean that I will have no fear in starting on the rest. I have some things I should finish first but I will get there eventually.

Now this could be a nice game.
Stuff of legends…

Monday, 17 June 2013

Jötunn with forks in his hair.

Jötunn with forks in his hair.
Yup that’s right this lovely models got tiny forks in his hair. Odd thing to collect you may think but why not, he aint going to use them to eat with anyway.

I think the miniature was from Das Schwarze Auge, bought from Ral Partha Europe.
Nice miniature sculpted in a nice stile. The Jötunn is based on a double cavalry base from Renadra, 50x50 mm.

Here is a comparison picture for size with an plastic Hirdmen from Gripping Beast and my previously painted Jötunn.

Death Korps of krieg VS Necrons

Another test of the Death Korps of krieg - Assault brigade.

A couple of days ago we had another 40k game.
I and my Death korps of Krieg buddy Daniel teamed up together to face the mechanical monsters, the Necrons…
Two 1000pts Death Korps of krieg Assault brigades against an 2000pts Necron army.

The Initial deployment.
I just love the massive lines of the Imperial Guards… 
Before the opponents start to shoot at you that is…

Necron Snipers failed deepstrikes leads them to be deployed right infront of the imperial line.

 Necron destroyers ( I think), deepstrikes and take care of my poor old Helga.

 Payback is a bitch... 
-With Bayonets... Charge.

My Platoon commander earning yet another medal (seen just in front of the middle building here with the blue dice besides them.) He and his squad have started to get some serious kill counts. Starting with a flying Chaos dragon in one quick burst at the latest tournament.

As no one of us really knew the rules that good the game took a little longer to play then what you could expect but it was lots of fun to play.

 Starting to thin down on the Guardsmen.

Having shoot down all before them these guardsmen run into a broadside from this ship and the firepower of the Necron unit beside it. Many a guardsmen died this day...

 Having lost my Pimpmobile my commander has to walk. Poor sob.

More necron reserves attacking my flank. 
Dammit... And they got an airplane...

Necron lord vs an regular Death korp infantry.. fair duel i would say.

 Running with an krack grenade this lone guardsmen was so close at bringing that necron ship down.

In the end the Necrons got the objective (a servitor droid carrying cookies and lemonade…) and the Death Korps could count another game lost. 

But never mind that, I got more guardsmen then he has robots so in the end his resources will come to an end and the guardsmen will triumph in pure 64star Commandore Zap Brannigan stile. 

Lots of fun and many a guardsmen died this day…

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bragi Boddason

Bragi Boddason 

I needed a skald to my Norsemen, who else would tell the tales of my heroes and the deeds they do.
Bragi Boddason could be one skald to represent and as its always nicer to name your miniatures that will be the name of this miniature in my games to come.

The miniature is from “Das Schwarze Auge” but were bought from Ral Parta Europe.

In Hail Caesar I think I will represent him as a character with 0 in command and attack but gives the unit he joins the Valiant special rule.

And here is a picture of how I did my John Bauer inspired backdrop. Just a piece of paper and some rather quickly drawn lines. But I liked it so much my miniatures indented to this project have their pictures taken against that backdrop.