Friday, 13 December 2019

Alpha Legion Tartaros Terminators, massive photo shoot...

I have for some time now worked on ten new Tartaros Terminators for my Alpha Legion.
And when I painted them I picked up ten more that I had hastily painted for events and games previously but was not up to the standard of my liking.
So here we have a total of twenty Alpha Legion Tartaros Terminators now with the final washes and bases finished.

All of the miniatures are painted by airbrushing Tamaya clear blue and clear green letting it really dry between the multiple layers over a metal / silver preshade.

All of the miniatures were given individual markings hand painted on them. One of the squad was given white helmets.

Im really pleased how they turned out so I hope you give them all a look, they deserves it..

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Alpha Legion Veterans

The pictures did not turn out ass good as I had hoped. Much of the details and the highlights cant be seen. But they are good enough so I think I dare to share them here.

Here we have my newest addition to my Alpha Legion force, a unit of veterans.

I wanted to have a proper veteran unit that really stands out from my regular grunts.
I used instantmould to make a greenstuff faceplate copy of the helmet from the Alpha Legion special character Autilon Skorr.They have all been given a scaly cape, Its greenstuff from an mould I think originally was meant as a sort of horse armour. But it worked on these Astartes to.

To further add something to mark out the veterans I painted one of the shoulderpads in white marble. And I wanted this unit to have more gold then I usually gives my Alpha Legion.

I really like all the individual veteran in this squad, they are all unique.