Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Alpha Legion Veterans

The pictures did not turn out ass good as I had hoped. Much of the details and the highlights cant be seen. But they are good enough so I think I dare to share them here.

Here we have my newest addition to my Alpha Legion force, a unit of veterans.

I wanted to have a proper veteran unit that really stands out from my regular grunts.
I used instantmould to make a greenstuff faceplate copy of the helmet from the Alpha Legion special character Autilon Skorr.They have all been given a scaly cape, Its greenstuff from an mould I think originally was meant as a sort of horse armour. But it worked on these Astartes to.

To further add something to mark out the veterans I painted one of the shoulderpads in white marble. And I wanted this unit to have more gold then I usually gives my Alpha Legion.

I really like all the individual veteran in this squad, they are all unique.

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