Sunday, 30 October 2016

Crusade, Lion Rampant big battle AAR

Yesterday we had a great game of Lion Rampant. We played with four warbands on each side.
Each warband were given a activation cart and when their symbol were drawn that warband could activate their miniatures.

The French Crusaders

Holy Roman Imperial crusaders

First half of the forces from County of Tripoli.

Second half of the forces from County of Tripoli.

Egyptian Ayyubid dynasty forces

Seljuk Turkish forces

Sudanese forces

Syrian forces

Some of the players and the gaming table.

Horse archers closes in on the westerners.

The Syrians advance.

The levy spearmen using the ruins to much success. Defending the ruins against the enemy knights.

French and German knights punches a hole in the Saracen lines under a hail of arrows.

The Muslim forces are peppered from the "bastion" with crossbow bolts, and the westerners knights aint helping our cause either...

The Azerbaijani swordsmen attacked the French knights, cutting down two knights but the Frech general manages to escape.

But in the end the Saracens had taken to many casualties and the Crusaders were victorious.

Thanks Johan, Daniel, Sofia and Simon for a great game.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

French Crusading force for Lion Rampant

I never got around getting a complete army picture of my French Crusading force for Lion Rampant. About time to get the all together in one picture...

2x Knights
1x Serjeants
2x Crossbowmen