Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Dropzone Commander AAR

After a BIG brake from DzC I finally played a game again. A big thanks to Stefan for guiding me through all the stages again.
I really felt that I had forgotten lots of stuff rulewise and especially tactically.

I had made a list with lots of units I wanted to try out which led to a list that is far from the most effective. I wanted to test them when I had help with all the rules.
To make things even worst I was missing some Shaltari Jaguars from my collection so I had to make a quick rearrangement to the list. The good thing with this was that I could test out even more miniatures that I usually dont game with, double Ocelot unit and Tarantulas.
But I have literally no idea where my other Jaguar is... It should have been in the box with all the other miniatures.

PHR Snipers finds an creature lurking in the building. And as they where already wounded because of fallen masonry from my bombardment of the building they were all wiped out.

I encounter Medusa... Damn that is one aggressive and effective model... and fast... And apparently rather cheep...

My Tarantulas deployed on top of the building for a good field of fire.

My Ocelots had been hanging at the back most of the game doing rather nothing so I got tired of that and dropped them right on my target instead...
The plan was to combat the enemy commander with these and my Tarantulas.
That could have turned out so much better with enemy hacking my gun systems forcing me to hit my own miniatures loosing a shot and when you least want it you always roll that one...

I chase after the quick Medusa but could never really catch her.
My commander fell to the Medusa and failed to eject.

Thanks for a nice game Stefan.

The game ended with a big win for the PHR, I think the scores were something like 14-8. I did manage to catch up some points in the final turn but was behind and had try to catch up since turn one.
But it was a nice to once again field the Shalari on the tabletop. I have tons to learn but it was nice to try out some new units that I havent tried out yet.

So some thoughts about some units.
Tarantulas didnt actually do much in this game but nether did my Tomahawk tanks. I can still see potential with them. The Tomahawks on the other hand, they constantly fail to impress me. I really want to like them but the Tarantulas just feels like a better choice, that or fielding Jaguars. The choice is between Tarantulas and Tomahawks and the Tarantulas just seems better.

Double Ocelots was rather nice. Initially they opened up the game nicely but then really didnt do anything. But when I dropped them right on my target those big guns could have been nasty with some better dicing. Im sure there are better units to drop right ontop of my enemy rather then long range gunnery but it could be a viable tactics in the future.

The Warspear heavy fighter did some damage popping enemy dropships, nothing mayor and I think I will leave that one at home in the future. Its just not worth it.

Samurai, could have potential but I never managed to do anything useful with them. I this game they where chasing down Medusa but she was far to elusive for that. When I finally managed to catch her they failed to do anything, in theory their flamers could have done more against her.
Im not really sure about this unit. I think they will have a role to fill in future games but they they are not a unit that I must include. More testing is needed on this unit.

For future games if I wanting to get better results with my units I will have to learn to use the command cards better. I never felt I had any real use of them, no one suited me in the right moment in the game and that is a big thing. My opponent had managed to use his command cards much much better and had real worth of his.
The list have to be changed for future game, including more infantry besides other things. That is something I was aware of when I did my list so I could test out more units new to me.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Vättar vs Dökkalfar: AAR

Another great game of Dragon Rampant

This time my Vättar would be facing my friend Håkans Dark elves.
We rolled for scenario and I would defend a huge roosting fire, earning me one point each turn from turn three and onwards. Håkan would have to stop me before the 10points would be roosted and eaten...
We decided to use piggies and other critters stolen from the Elves.

Put another piggie on the barbie...

The Dark elves rode these small dragons (Elite riders), I had a unit of Scouts in the forest ready and waiting for enemy movement and I kept my trolls as a sort of mobile reserve on the ruined altar.

 Dark elf infantry deployed.

The Drake riders was forced to charge into the terrain and the prepared Vättar.

Another unit of Vätte Scouts, these are hacked to pieces by the Dark elves.

My big bear charges, payback time...

But nooo.... it was driven back.

The drakeriders was driven back. I guess cavalry in tough terrain is not that of a great idea...

 I started to enjoy the roosted pigs...

Dark elves are nearly there to put out the fire... nooo....

Dark elves scouts inflicts damage on my bear.

The bear charges in an attempt to stop the elves.
But was driven back again with more damage.

The Vätte berserks charges in...
But they are also drivven back...

The Elves are having it a hard time struggling forward as the bear hit again...  

But this time the bear is the victorious and the elves are driven back.

My chieftain had deployed to protect the fire and the dinner...

The elves attacked the bear, wanting to have the elven leader forward for a more combined assault.

The Elven lord is just about to charge in against my chieftain and his firewatchers...

The drake riders where finally defeated. A really nice work with the scouts using the forest to lure them into all the branches and roots... Unfortunately they had also taken a beating and was heading home.  

The Vätte chieftain somehow managed to drive the Elven lord back just enough to give my trolls time to close in...
A lone Vätte scout is heading home... He and his friends had defeated a unit of Elite riders and I am more then happy with them.

The Trolls finishes the combat with large clubs... The Elven lord and the last of his men are sent home and I can continue with my barbecue... 

Another really tense game of Dragon Rampant. It could easily had ended in turn four/five had Håkan just had a bit more luck with some dices.
Really fun game.