Thursday, 29 January 2015

The wedding crash, Håtunaleken AAR

I visited Stockholm this weekend and was Invited by Michael "Dalauppror" to participate in their Håtunaleken campaign set in Sweden around the year of 1300.åtuna_games

For those interested in the last game in their campaign please look here:

In the last game Valdemar Magnusson, the kings brother managed to steal a bride and a new wedding was now planned.

Members of the Danish Hvide family was invited to partake in the celebrations. And thus I brought with me some troops on this trip.

But enemy forces from the houses of Ulvåsa and Oxenstierna had gathered their strength and would not let this happen... Their objective was to bring down Valdemar and ours was to brake the enemy forces by taking out half of their units.

We used the Lion Rampant rules and I have really started to enjoy these. A deck of cards with the houses name and image was used to draw in which order each player was to command his troops. This is a fun way for multiplayer games.

The wedding procedures was just about to start when the enemy forces was spotted.
The wedding crashers on their way.

Valdemar have mounted his horse and is ready for the coming battle.

Peasants in arms, I say they should really stick to the fields and do their job instead of this taking up arms thing...

My small unit of Skärmytslings trupper advances.

Even with the roads the enemy forces looks hesitant to advance. I gueas they underestimated our numbers or the fact that my Danes from the house of Hvide was in front of them and got afraid... ;P

I have formed up a shieldwall (called schiltron in the rules) with my Leding troops and is waiting for the enemy.

The forces closes in.

Enemy forces under the command of the house of Ulvåsa take a great toll on my Bidowers. Taking their numbers down to two members and forcing them to retreat.
My mounted crossbowmen tries to avenge their comrades.

Defensive positions. Peasants with mixed arms behind a fence.
I just love this picture...
It really looks like a nasty place to try to assault.

The knights from the house of Hvide and Bjälbo has formed up...

The knights didn´t want to engage the enemy and after a couple of turns the foot Serjants got fed up with this and charged in instead.

Red versus blue... Its easy to see who is who. A very striking colour palette.

An overview of the action.

The knights finally charges in.

They brake the infantry but takes heavy casualties. And are then themselves charged by Valdermar and his retinue.
As they hadnt have time to rest from the last clash with the infantry they failed their counter charge reaction and was slaughtered.
A new overview, Valdemar had broken formation and leading from the front. A very dangerous position as he was their main objective.

The Danish knights move forwards trying to catch up with their host.
Enemy heavy infantry charges Valdemar and his knights, he manages his counter-charge reaction...

 The enemy heavy infantry is pushed back and tries to climb over the fence....

...when the Danish knights charging them.

Enemy forces in the forest are finally battered by my mounted crossbowmen.

Gudmar of Ulvåsa advances and takes the forest with his Almoge mixed infantry.

Valdemar is charged in the back by enemy foot serjants but manages to push them back.

The knights of Hvide takes this opportunity and use it to the fullest.

 Charging the battered Serjeants...

Taking their numbers down even further.

And the back of Valdemar is free.

The enemy forces was now spent and their gathered their wounded and headed back to where they came.

Valdemar had a marriage to fulfill and my troops wanted to get back to the celebrations.

 The bride was still waiting at the church.

Big thanks Michael for inviting me to participate in your campaign.

To read about the battle from the views of Gudmar of the house Ulvåsa please visit

Monday, 26 January 2015

Frankish shields

I had saved three shields since I painted the latest batch for my friend Håkan.
And these three were planed to be painted a little special, I wanted to give them a little heraldry to be used on commanders and such.

They don't have any historical references to them but are made up more for fun.
Hopes he likes them.