Wednesday 8 May 2024

High Elves Ellyrian Reavers

There have been lots of talk about Warhammer the Old World amongst some of my friends and I thought I should tag along on this venture.
I have a large collection of old High Elves that I intend to slowly repaint.
First out is a small unit of Ellyrian Reavers.

Colourwise I went for a white and blue scheme to make a somewhat ethereal feel.
Looking at the colourwheel I get a really blue/purple theme and to balance it up I wanted red jewelry and green grass bases with some added red to symbolize flowers.

The miniatures are mostly stock but I added a trumpet to make a musician from some medieval bits I had laying around.


And for the main inspiration of colour selection I used the picture below.
I dint nail it perfectly but was close enough so I am more then happy.

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