Monday, 29 December 2014

New shields for Håkan and a tent

I have painted up another batch of shields for my friend Håkan and his force of cursed Westerners... ;P

I doubt the historical accuracy of some of them but he is free to skip some of them if he wants to. Buts its nice to have a little variation, to give the unit a little more life. It will be fun to see his units will these fine looking shields on.

And I have also done a little test piece of an tent. I made the designs on a coffeebrake on work and printed it and cut and glued it together.
I think it ended somewhat small and I somehow managed to glue to roof piece on rather tinted... But I thought it would be bad to waste it so I based it and flocked it and its now ready to be used.

So for future tent pieces I think I will do larger tents and add small threads to act as tent-rope or whatever the English word for it is.

Later I plan to also do some eastern design tents oppose this western design one.

But it was rather easy to glue together and I think a couple of these would be a nice way of representing an camp or be used as objective in a game.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Saracen commander

I still think I need more commanders to my force and if we manage to get our campaign games rolling I will need to have different commanders to choose from or if one bites the dust in the campaing and so on.

It was fun to give the models alittle extra time, more then I usually do. I know lots of stuff and details that I missed or skipped on these but it will sure do. The line of unpainted models are still long and in a strange way allways seems to grow even though I keep painting. That Is strange...

With the clothes on the commander i started with a dark gray, and used black to tone it down. I then used silver for the details in the fabrics and used a blue wash to give it a tone of blue on the silver details. I think I should have worked a little more on the lightning on the black/gray before aplying the silver details.

The banner is homemade, I used some pictures I found on the net with nice looking calagrafic writings but I see now that the original picture I used was to bad quality as you can easiy see the pixels. It turned out as a nice banner but it pulls the overall feeling of the command base down a little.

And by the same time I painted the command base I also painted a dismounted Mamluk. I tried to give him the same level of details as the command base. Its allways nice to have some miniatures with better details in a unit, to add to the units overall effect.
The dismounted Mamluk will act as a bodyguard or maybe be mixed into a unit until I can get a whole unit of them... To bad Perrys dont do nearly enought Muslim miniatures to my taste...

The miniatures are all Perrys, and as you might allready know they sure knows how to sculpt...
I think they makes the best Crusader era miniatures on the market and I think they are amongs the cheepest to... The only downside with Perry miniatures are the horrible casts, they are full of flashes and it takes some time to clean up the miniatures befor you can start paint them.

Friday, 19 December 2014

County of Tripoli shields

I painted these 16 shields for my friend Håkans County of Tripoli army, one of my opponents from our clubs Crusader project.

Main inspiration comes from the Kingdom of Heaven movie.

These are meant to supplement his already awesome looking  knights.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Medieval Scandinavian Army

I thought it was about time to get a new army update. I love seeing miniatures all together and it gives me a easy way of knowing exactly what I can muster and maybe give me some ideas of what Im lacking and should add later.

And with relatively good light this day Im happy with the pictures.

Beridna skyttar - Medium cavalry with crossbows
Armborst skyttar, medium crossbowmen
Ebbe Sunesen Hvide - Commander
Tiny unit of  skirmishers with bows. And a lesser commander somewhat behind them.

Ryttare - Medium cavalry
Bågskyttar - Light infantry archers
Ledung - Medium infantry with mixed bows 
Riddare och Svennar - Knights and Serjants, Heavy Cavalry

Ledung - Medium infantry with mixed bows  
Ledung - Medium infantry with mixed bows  
Ledung - Medium infantry with mixed bows

And lastly a picture of my whole collection at the moment.

So where do I go from here?
If you have any wishes please tell.

Im thinking about adding a unit of dismounted knights, maybe some other kind of heavy infantry. And some mercenaries in the form of German Knights or infantry. I might need some more types of light infantry or skirmishers.
Oh and I might need some more commanders.