Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Warfare in tribal Africa

A couple of weeks ago (rather many weeks ago, but no matter) we had another African tribal bash.

I divided my miniatures into four forces and I and three friends at the gaming club each choose a tribe to command. When the other players all had chosen theirs I took the remaining tribe and had a quick walk true of the rules. I chose to use the Hail Caesar rules from Warlord Games and used “small” sized units.
We would be playing 2vs 2, so the Zulus would team up with the Kushites against the Gamo and the Boshungo tribe.
As this game did occur some time ago I don’t remember the exact details but here is a small collection of some of the picture my good friend Daniel took of the action. Thanks.

When game started the Zulus got a bit carried away, running the fastest they could towards the enemies and spreading their lines to thin and leaving their Kushite allies behind wondering what to do.
The mighty Bushongos used this initial error on the Zulus part and could muster two against one units when the Zulu warriors came running.

This initial setback put the fear of losing more of his men to the Cannibal tribe in the Zulu warchief and they retreated back to an easier defendable line of vegetation.
Meanwhile the Bushongos had tasted blood and was up for more, they advanced in the center cutting a path between the opposite tribes formations, putting pressure on them and prevented them from joining forces.

The Gamos cheered as the Bushongos advanced and even thou they did not have as good warriors followed up the Bushongos and protected their rear.
The Kushite saw that the enemies was on the move and had leaved the village poorly defended. They sent their warriors and their pet lion to seize it and burn it down.

While the Zulus hid in their defensive positions not wanted to lose more men the Boshungos advanced in the center chasing after some trackers that was playing a deleing action lead by the voluptuous Queen of the Jungle.

This delaying action gave the Kushites time for their thrust against the village.
After brushing some Boshungo archers aside the clash stood between the Kushite King and his men and the Gamo chieftain and a unit defending the village.

Not succeeding to hurrying in more troops to his help the Gamo chieftain put on his rather nice hat and pulled his sword. It was time to send back these white painted primitives far into the jungle.
He and his men was cut to pieces defending their huts..

More troops arrived shortly put it was too late, not even a white skinned cleanly shaven man clad in leopard skin could save the day. The Gamo village was set on fire and the Kushite tribe was victorious, as well as their “brave” Zulu allies... 

That was an intense game that ended about a turn before the Boshungo should arrive and claim one objective on the opposite side and winning the game. 

But that was not to bee. The Kushites won the game, after a slow start they advanced and made their push just in the right time, before any opposition could be hurried to stop them.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Kushite warband

These were a pure joy to paint. 
They are quick to paint and still give a unit fit for a tabletop.
A brown primer and color for their weapons and clothes followed by two different washes, a highlight and lastly their white war paint. 
I painted the war paint last because I didn´t want the washes to delude the white color, I wanted the white color to be somewhat different from the colors I painted the miniatures with.

The miniatures are from Warlord Games and I really like the scrawny appearance they give, something about that makes them come to life.

These are my last Kushite miniatures from my Lead pile and I am wondering what I should get next for them.
Im thinking on getting more archers of the same type I previously painted to this tribe but Im also thinking on getting them some more elite, guard type of miniatures. Warlord Games doesn’t do any guard type of Kushite so one option would be to paint the shields, clothes and the warpaint somewhat different but I think it would be more fun to try to find some other companies miniatures to add to my Kushite collection. Im thinking on maybe looking at old Egyptian miniature lines and try to find some that could fit.
Any one got any good ideas that would be much appreciated, thanks.

This time I went for a Zebra. :) 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Seven Dwarves…

I had these excellent looking dwarves in my possession for some time now but never got around to paint them. Somewhat intimidated by all those details and the potential, I didn´t want to ruin them. But then one day I said to my selves that I could at least start by priming them and then just add one color at the time. And by doing so I got them painted. 



The miniatures are from Red Box Games and I think Tre is one of the very few sculptures that manage to do dwarves justice. Most dwarves these days are either hero scale, totally over the top and some even to comical. These dwarves I think looks like they could exist, they are believable.
When I painted these I wanted them to resemble my Norsemen in color palette but making their weaponry, armor and anything metal look a little special.
So I added some extra colors to the metal pieces, some are going red, some blue and so on to show the dwarves almost magical cunning with finding rare metals, the metalwork and alloys.

And as of a coincidence I noticed that I got seven dwarves, which must mean I must find me a miniature that could work as a Norse version of Snow-white…

Tre is currently running a new Kickstarter campaign and this time its all lead...
Looks promising, and it has allready had its basics funded so now its all about stretching the goal.