Sunday, 24 February 2013

Napoleonic mortars

I wanted to try to kit bash together some mortars for my frenchies and this is the result. I used spare parts from Victrix plastic British artillery box with some spare Frenchmen also from Victrix.

A very simple and fun little project.

I don’t count on them to perform any miracles on the tabletop but still a nice little addition to my slowly growing French force.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sand warfare (fow aar)

My friend Tobias ( at ) and I had another midwar game yesterday.
I love midwar and I think Tobias is getting keener and keener to smacking some of my Germans in the desert.

German reports indicated that the Americans aimed at securing a small village before pushing further. The plan was to leave the village undefended so their scout troops wouldn´t report of any German activity and let them get close enough before the ´blitz´ was released on the unsuspecting Americans. 

A fast kampgruppe was put together by the now almost obsolete old models of Pz III and Pz II but supported by Messerschmitts with total air superiority.
The mission we played was Pincer if I recall correctly.

After some heavy fighting the forward forces of the Americans were broken and they retired. A victory for the ever so stretched German Afrika Korp.







Yes yes I know... Even more pictures of the luftwaffe... But I really like the look of my airplanes...
Please notice the pyramids of Kasserine (?)