Friday, 30 August 2013

Fantasy gaming table

A speedwork, but I managed to put this gaming table together in time for Gubbspel Galore this weekend.
The gaming table is made from white Styrofoam with masking tape on the sides, using plaster and glued on sand to make some textures painted in a mix of colors and then flocked.
Cheep and lightweight.

Maybe a its little to colorful for my taste but I somehow like it none the less. To late to do anything about that now.

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Another “finally” moment here. Hehe

I got these Elves in 2011 and was really impressed by the sculpts. I thought the minitarures looked soo good that I was a bit intimidated to paint them as I didn’t want to mess them up. I wanted to do them justice.

For the original post with a little more detailed descriptions of Dökkalfars look here.

But with Gubbspel Galore this weekend I wanted to finish them. 
I spent a lot of time during this summer to building up all those layers of skincolors. It really took ages to get them the way I wanted. 

As I wanted to have them with me to this weekend’s gaming convention I had to speedpaint the warpaint and it didn´t turn out as good as I had first imagined it would but I really don´t have time to fix that.

Thanks for looking.

John Bauer trees.

Finally… I thought about getting some proper John Bauer inspired trees since I started this whole project.
And when I decided to hold some Treemoss fantasy game on Gubbspel Galore I knew I must have some.

Håkan Hårding blowing an horn to get the trolls attention while his friend Harald Bukhäng and two gnomes lies in ambush. The plan is to attack the troll from all side.
What Håkan doesn’t know is that one Valkyria is already waiting on the combat to begin so she could take him. But the big question is if the Valkyria is patient enough or if she will just put an axe in his back and get it over with.

As I am in a little hurry here I didn´t have time to give the trees all the details I wanted but I guess I can always go back and add that later. 

And I also made some new area terrains.

All in a days work, Harald Bukhäng had leveled the forest in search for the Troll that smashed his friend Håkan Hårding and then got away.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bronze Age Miniatures

Bronze Age Miniatures

I just “needed” some of these lovely miniatures from Bronze Age Miniatures. I have never ordered from them before but he was a nice chap and the miniatures are great so I can only recommend them.

These are 32mm miniatures so they are a bit larger than your standard 28mm miniatures. I knew this and planed to include them as something special.

As these are special troops I wanted to use some brighter colors and purple…

But the big question is what or who are they? Im haven’t decided yet and the deadline this weekend for Gubbspel Galore IV is closing in fast…

They could be Valkyrias, female Einherjar (fallen warriors after they gone to Valhalla or Sessrúmnir) ?
Greek mythology is full of character with were one parent is mortal and one is a God maybe I can borrow some of that?

Half jötunns ?

But really, any idea or tip would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some reference pictures with some 28mm warriors for scale.

Norsemen Bondi

Newly painted bondi unit, I painted these in the same way as the hirmen unit I did a tutorial on not long ago. A rather quick and easy way.

I tried to keep the colors a bit more brown or natural and I like the overall effect, looks better and more correct.

The miniatures are a mix to get a better variation within the unit and a more fun composition. But they are mostly Gripping Beast plastic Dark age warriors with some added hirdmen heads and some wirespears. I added some metal miniatures also from Gripping beast and some metal miniatures from some other companies.

They are all based on the bases I bought from Tiny Terrain that was custom made for me. I wanted one 8man and two 4man multibases with a movement tray for them all. I really love these and they are perfect for me.
Do contant Jonathan at Tiny Terrain, Im sure he can help you out with about any thing.

Here are some pictures of the clean bases to better get a view of the movement tray and the multibases.