Sunday, 31 May 2020

Alpha Legion`Mad Cat´ed Deredeos

Ever since I first saw the `Mad Cat´ converted Deredeos I fell in love with them. And about a year ago I finally started to convert some for my self.
The biggest change on these compare to a box standard Deredeo is the added leg parts that comes from a Imperial Guard Sentinel. So unfortunately two Sentinels had to give their lives so these beast could see the light of day. At least I get some extra bits to the bitbox besides these cool looking models.

I used the excellent guide from the Powerfisted blog: to build the miniatures.
Im nowhere near as talented converter as him and got some rather blunt edges and cuts but hopefully you cant see most of the mistakes after they are painted.

I added lots of details from pressmoulded greenstuff using the excellent instant mould technique ( ) from extra bits and pressmoulds of Alpha Legion markings from the regular Alpha Legion Contemptor Dreadnought.

The miniatures are painted using airbrushed Vallejos Metal Colours as a base pre-shade, these are extremely good metal colours
I then airbrushed the excellent "Candy paint" from Tamiya, a mixture of candy blue and candy green in different layers to get that nice blue-green tint Im after.
I have also used oils and pigments in the later stages of these miniatures.

The ammo drums on this Deredeo comes from and oooold Leman Russ, it use to hold the sidesponson weaponry.

Some details on the magnetised secondary weaponry, a twin linked heavy bolter or twin linked heavy flamer.

 Here are some detailed pictures on the bases and their legs.

These bad boys are huge, the will look impressive on the tables in the future.

And just for fun... I added Flourecent paint from Vallejo on optics, lights and on the plasmaglow. Besides being a bright colour it shines in UV light...

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Pictures from 'Hobbydag i ett skjul' painting course

Some weeks ago we had a small get together and had a painting weekend, where we helped each other to test out techniques, learn about how an airbrush works, the idea with pre-shading, oil paints and chipping techniques.

It was a nice weekend and it was really interesting to test a lot of things that I had a idea how it works or the idea behind it. But is another thing to actually take the time and try it out your self instead of just looking at them on Youtube or from one of the painting books that can be found.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Solar Auxilia, converted 'count as' Aurox

I have converted three `Count as Aurox´s. I used some 2hand Rhinos I had laying around and merged the basic hull with a instantmould  50/50 greenstuff/milliput pressmould. After some additonal tinkering I think I have managed to come up with a rather nice merge. They are far from perfect but its been a fun convertion project.

I originally had the idea of using chimera chassis as the base but the Rhino fitted the pressmounded front from an actual Aurox much better so it was what I ended up with.

These will make a fine reinforcement to my Solar Auxilia.


And for anyone wondering about the sizes compare to a real Aurox, here you go. I would say the Aurox and the Rhino hulls are almost the same.